On Veteran’s Day, I decided to take advantage of some of the great online sales and get some of my Christmas shopping done early.  My mom requested gloves and earmuffs. Simple enough…or so I thought!
When I searched for gloves and earmuffs, I found results such as: “Fingerless Texting Gloves with Mitten Cover,” “Touchscreen Gloves” and “Ear Warmers with Headphones.” Hmm, so much for simple.
It is amazing to me how much the world has changed to embrace technology. With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of some of the best technology-themed gifts for the upcoming holidays. Since we’re a data collection company, here are my TOP 10 BARCODE GIFT IDEAS!

  1. For the Fashionista: If this Barcode Sweater from Forever 21 doesn’t capture her heart, maybe this “Scan Me” necklace from Claire’s will?
  2. For the Businessman: How about a classy pair of barcode cufflinks or a silk neck tie (barcoded, of course). Looking for a unisex business gift? Personalized QR Code business cards are the way to go. (You can generate your own QR Code here).
  3. For the Art Lover: I came across an artist who designs collectible wall art using barcodes and encoded words instead of numbers. There are also many different types of canvas wall art and posters available on various sites.
  4. For the Chef: What chef wouldn’t want a barcoded apron? I’ve yet to find a matching chef’s hat, but I’m sure someone will design one any day now.
  5. For the Athlete: How about a personalized QR Code gym bag, a set of barcoded golf balls, or this barcode-inspired women’s swimsuit to make your athlete’s day?
  6. For the Caffeine Addict: Allow your caffeine-lover to be the envy of everyone in the coffee shop when they fill up their barcoded coffee mug and take that first delicious sip.
  7. For the Child: Wouldn’t it be cool for him/her to have their very own barcode print for their bedroom? These unique prints feature the child’s name, DOB, time of birth and place in the family in various color schemes! This zebra barcode t-shirt is awfully cute, too.
  8. For the Crafty: Let the craft-inclined try their hand at this cross-stitch pattern of…you guessed it, a barcode! If YOU are the crafty one, try making your own personalized QR Code gifts (generate your own code for free here). Great examples include key chains and luggage tags. Another clever idea that I’d like to try is a homemade greeting card with a personalized QR Code inside for the recipient to scan!
  9. For the Pet: Collars, water dishes, tags, leashes, and even apparel are available for your pets. My favorite is the FurCode, a laser-etched aluminum tag that includes your pet’s name, description, contact and vet info, and medical/dietary needs.
  10. For the Person Who Has Everything: Even if they already have an iPad, I’ll bet they don’t have a trendy barcode-themed iPad cover! And if they do…well, I can’t help you. They really DO have everything!

Ok, so now that I’ve given you all of these great barcode gift ideas, I am going to ask a small favor. If you decide to purchase one of these items, I’m dying to know: Will a barcode scanner actually work on these??
Happy Shopping!!!