As an outsider looking in, I am excited to see that Honeywell completed the acquisition of Intermec. As a former “seasoned” Intermec veteran, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for all of the very fine people I have had the pleasure of working for and with over the years. The immense knowledge base and dedication of the sales, engineering, and support people will be an enormous boost to Honeywell AIDC. John Waldron, President of Honeywell AIDC, should be commended.aidc1

So what does Honeywell get from this acquisition? Well, people. Intermec’s field and internal support are second to none. I have found that the the system engineers, support engineers, and sales teams can hold their own against any competition. This is due to the immense training, exposure to new technologies, varied and diverse customer environments, and keeping abreast of the competition. As a bonus, Honeywell will also get access to much IP, scanner and imager engines, RFID technologies, voice solutions, media, and a complete printer line. There may be overlap of products and personnel, but viewing Honeywell’s prior acquisitions of LXE and Metrologic, my guess is that things will be run relatively smoothly.
So what does the former Intermec get? If there is only one word that could be used, I would say, “Stability.” Since the mid-2000’s Intermec’s course has traversed troubled waters, highs and lows, and several management turnovers. All of this has been a burden on the employees, legacy customers, and potential customers. From my conversations with my Intermec friends in Everett, WA and across the world, it was a heavy weight that they had to endure on a regular basis. The uncertainty of the direction of the company led many valued employees to part ways–sometimes voluntary, sometimes not. In any event, the “new” Intermec should have a good direction and a solid foothold once the integration process commences.
All-in-all, I like the move. Our Honeywell support, sales, and engineering teams have been fantastic. Everyone I have had the opportunity to meet at Honeywell has been friendly, professional, very receptive, and very willing to help. Now that Intermec is part of the portfolio, I believe the business partners, customers, and employees will benefit greatly as there will be new and exciting products, new perspectives, and–most of all–direction.
On behalf of L-Tron, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Intermec.  Congratulations!