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General Support

Remote Desktop Support
Use this link for L-Tron technical support after contacting us. There is no notification system for remote sessions. You must provide us with a 9-digit session code to initiate remote support.

Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide with single scan configuration codes.

LUC232-132 version 7.2.98
Driver for the replacement LUC232-132 USB to Serial converter. Note: This converter provides scanner power on pin 9 of the DB9 serial connector.

4910LR Driver’s License Reader Driver & Support

4910 Installation Instructions
Installation instructions for the 4910LR License reader 2D Imaging scanner.

Honeywell Windows 7/8/10 WHQL certified USB Serial Driver with Silent Install Support. 
See the release notes for supported devices which include: 4910/3320/3310/4810/1900/4600/4702/5180. Driver Release 3.5.11 dated 06/21/2018.

Honeywell WHQL certified USB Serial Driver for use with Windows 10 version 1903 only
Driver Release 3.4.9 dated 2/19/2015, May require separate install of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package

Activate TraCS Defaults
Reset your scanner to TraCS Defaults.

TraCS & Image Capture Support

TraCS-SECTOR-KYOPS Imaging Scanner Installation
Law Enforcement Software Setup.

TraCS 10 Scanner Auto Detect

Scan sheet to enable signature validation in TraCS 7.3.

Utility Applications & Device Configurations

QuickView Utility Application V 4.1.3
Windows-based software program that displays decoded symbol messages and captured images from the IT4410 and IT4710 products. May also be used to program the IT4410/4710 using RS232 serial commands.

EZ Config Version 4.2.8
Honeywell scanner configuration utility Version 4.2.8

EZ Config Version 3.5.9
Honeywell scanner configuration utility Version 3.5.9

Visual Menu
A Windows-based configuration utility software for IT3800, 44-4710 series products.

Visual Menu 2003 V 4.2.7
A Windows-based configuration utility software for Honeywell Products.

Brother PocketJet 6 Drivers & Perforated Paper Instructions

Brother PocketJet 622 Printer Driver

Brother PocketJet 623 Printer Driver

Brother PocketJet 662 Printer Driver

Brother PocketJet 663 Printer Driver

Perforated Paper Installation Instructions (For PocketJet printers)

Previous Driver’s License Reader Drivers & Support

Note: The 4710LR & 4810LR have been replaced by the 4910LR Driver’s License Reader.

4810LR Twain Driver
An industry standard Twain driver, enabling users to quickly and easily view digital images through a simple and intuitive graphical user interface directly into Twain compatible programs.

Change PID for Signed driver support 4810 ONLY
Scan sheet to change the internal PID value for use with the 4810 Imaging Scanner only.

4710 User Guide
Complete user manual for the 44 and 4710 series 2D imaging scanners.

4600 2D Imaging Scanner Support

4600 User Guide
Complete user manual for the 4600g and 4600r 2D imaging scanners.

4600 Quick Start Guide
Short form configuration codes for the 4600 family of 2D imaging scanners.

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