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Traceability One-Pager

traceability is

A system used to track an item through each and every step of the production process, usually with data encoded in a barcode, but sometimes in an RFID tag.

Keep reading if you’re in… 

  • Healthcare
  • Food/Beverage Production
  • Field Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Law Enforcement
  • Warehousing
  • Retail
  • Distribution
  • Medical Device

*Countless other industries are also using traceability solutions for general purposes, including security protocols (tracking employees and visitors) and counterfeit-prevention


this is why we do it

  1. Facilitate the recall process by pinpointing issues at the source.
  2. Identify soon-to-be rejected items earlier in the production line.
  3. Gain 100% supply chain visibility.
  4. Mitigate errors associated with batch processing.
  5. Reduce inventory costs.
  6. Keep in compliance with government/industry regulations.


heres how its done

Traceability requires the following materials:

Zebra-GK-Desktop-Printer-FamilyThermal Barcode Label Printer (Like the Zebra G-Series Desktop Printers)

zebra thermal transfer labels

Ribbon & Label Media (Like Zebra’s Thermal Transfer labels)


Barcode Scanner or Mobile Computers with barcode scanners (like the Zebra MC40)

And Traceability Software & Database

TIP: Prevent smudged, scratched, curled, & missing labels by investing in quality labels and equipment! We know there’s a lot of options, talk to an expert to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

Your investment will be for nil if you can’t track your materials effectively and accurately!

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