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[Infographic] Do you know what these key AIDC terms really mean?

[Infographic] Do you know what these key AIDC terms really mean?

[Infographic] Decoding the Language of Barcodes

This resource provides an appealing visual reference about common terminology used within the data capture world. Discover the definitions of these industry AIDC terms. You’ll understand the subtle differences between similar terms and be well-equipped to make informed purchasing decisions within your organization. 

Data Capture Infographic: Do you know what these key AIDC terms really mean? 

The English language uses hundreds of thousands of words, phrases, acronyms and abbreviations to convey meaning. While some words are common and well-known, there are many industry-specific terms that most of us don’t use regularly. Some of these terms are very similar to one another, and may easily be misunderstood or confused.  

This infographic is designed as a quick reference tool for those who may be researching and shopping for data collection equipment or those who just want to learn more. The 13 terms on the infographic include: 

  • AIDC 
  • Barcode Scanner 
  • Barcode Verifier 
  • Asset Tracking 
  • Inventory Tracking 
  • RFID Tag 
  • Barcode Label 
  • UPC 
  • Barcode 
  • 1D Barcode 
  • 2D Barcode 
  • Direct Thermal 
  • Thermal Transfer 

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