Competition for new and better technology is being met with threats from the global supply chain—counterfeit computer parts.

Both private businesses and the military are facing the challenge of protecting the quality of the components they’re using in their electronic equipment:

  • Recent raids in Singapore uncovered a stash of more than 25,000 counterfeit parts, estimated to be worth $1.87 million.
  • The practice of counterfeiting parts costs the world more than $1 trillion in lost revenue and 2.5 million jobs.

Counterfeit parts pose a threat, not only to the fiscal bottom line of the manufacturers involved, but also the safety of the products and the potential damage resulting from a recall

  • Labels can be altered to change the shelf life or even the performance quality of the part.
  • The part number, date code, or country of origin might not match the other documentation.
  • Packaging or placement within the package might differ slightly.
  • The label might be smudged from re-marking.

Minute details might not be easily visible—like excess solder— making it easier for faulty parts to slip through the production line.

An enterprise labeling solution provides the traceability that can protect the integrity of your products.

Here’s how:

  • Establish a traceability labeling protocol that incorporates the “rules” for labeling your parts.
  • Zebra ZT410Use a tamper-proof or tamper-evident label format and media.
  • Produce barcode labels on a 600 dpi printer, like the Zebra ZT410, that can produce a barcode as tiny as a quarter-inch with crystal clarity to be readable.

There is a worldwide initiative to beat counterfeiting, but you need to do your part. Protect your products across the supply chain with better traceability labeling solutions. We would be happy to develop the right solution for your specific challenges.
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