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Replenishment Process in Warehouse

You may want to skip the process in your warehouse upgrade…but don’t!

When your shipment arrives, you go through the process of unloading, inspecting and documenting everything that has arrived and everything that is damaged or missing and needs to be replaced.

Then it’s time for re-stocking.

Did you know that where you place incoming products after receiving matters? A lot?

Factors to Consider

·  Are your products stored securely and safely to avoid damaged goods and injury to workers?

·  Do your products require climate control? If so, where is the optimal location for that?

·  What kind of cargo is coming in? Consider size, weight, and height.

·  Are you using all of your available warehousing space to its maximum potential?

·  How much storage availability do you need to have at any given time?

·  Can you easily locate and retrieve products from each designated storage location?

·  Which products come and go from the shelves the most frequently? Are these placed in the most convenient location for both receiving, shipping and replenishment process in the warehouse?

·  How far away is the storage location from the receiving area? How much travel time is required?

·  How far away is the storage location from the packing area? How long will it take to travel from picking to packing?

While the number of variables may seem daunting to consider, any warehouse management system worth its salt will track data about all of these factors and help you achieve an optimal warehouse replenishment process.

Our solutions include mobile computers, printers, scanners, sensors, connected devices, speech-directed technology, remote system management, and cloud storage and analytics. We can do a complete overhaul of your current warehouse and distribution center processes – or we can start with baby steps to make small, inexpensive changes with large impacts.

Meet your quality goals, have happier customers, and reduce your bottom line. We’d love to talk through it all with you.

Contact us for a no-obligation evaluation of your current warehouse and  to help you improve your automated warehouse and workflow performance.

Warehouse Replenishment Products

Visit our Warehouse Product Catalog to explore printers, vehicle and wearable computers, mobile computers, and barcode scanners for your putaway and replenishment processes.

Putaway And Replenishment Resources

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