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FieldPro 641 Data Sheet Image

[Data Sheet] PrintekMobile™ FieldPro 641

This resource is an introduction to PrintekMobile’s FieldPro 641 rugged mobile printer. Discover more about the features and performance of this compact, 4” ticket, receipt, and label printer designed for public safety, field sales, and other on-the-go professions.

Brother PocketJet 8 Data Sheet

[Data Sheet] Brother® PocketJet® 8

The Brother PocketJet® 8 Data Sheet provides background information and product specifications for the PocketJet 8 Mobile Printer. See more about the features that set the PJ 8 apart from other mobile printers on the market, and discover what you can expect from each printer model.

[Data sheet] Printek VehiclePro 420 Printer

The Printek VehiclePro 420 Printer is a space-saving 4” mobile printer for Law Enforcement. The VP420 data sheet provides general information about the printer and its specifications.

Printek Product Comparison One-Pager

[One-Pager] Printek Product Comparison for eCitation Printing

This resource compares the features of Printek’s four mobile printers, which include the FieldPro 541, Vehicle Pro 420, Interceptor 80, and Interceptor 820. If you’re in the market for a new eCitation printer, this one-page document will help you narrow down which model is best suited for your needs. 

FieldPro 541 Data sheet

[Data Sheet] Printek FieldPro 541 Mobile Printer 

This downloadable data sheet provides a detailed look at the specifications for Printek’s 4” FieldPro 541 Mobile Printer. Discover more about the features of the FieldPro541, view printer images, and read about some of the applications the FieldPro 541 is well-suited for. 

Printek I80 Datasheet

[Data Sheet] Printek Interceptor 80 Mobile Printer

Take a closer look at the specifications of Printek’s Full-Page Interceptor 80 (I80) Mobile Printer in this downloadable data sheet. View printer images, read more about the features of the Interceptor 80, and see what you can print from the roadside while on patrol..

Havis Chevrolet Tahoe VSX Console

[Data Sheet] Havis’ Chevrolet Tahoe VSX Console

This data sheet provides an in-depth look at the specifications for Havis’ C-VSX-1800-TAH-PM Series. Discover more about the features of the VSX center console, view product images, and compare packages for the 2021-2022 Chevy Tahoe PPV & SSV.