From smartphones and fitness watches to kitchen gadgets and jackknives, the world is full of multi-purpose tools we can’t seem to live without. We tend to use these products daily – even hourly. 

When Universities consider buying a multi-purpose tool from a budgetary standpoint, it’s certainly easier to justify the purchase of an item that your department will use time and time again. Businesses, organizations, and public agencies also need to determine if the return on investment will be worth it when it comes to their potential purchases. 

See how OSCR360 is an affordable, multi-purpose system that is aiding numerous departments at colleges and universities.

OSCR360 for College Campuses: Campus Safety, Crime Reporting, Administration, Instruction & more

Over the past years, municipalities across the country have been using OSCR for a wide variety of purposes:

  • Documenting public spaces for emergency pre-planning and training.  
  • Assisting investigators in efficiently and thoroughly documenting crime scenes. 
  • Training/educating future crime scene investigators and criminal justice students.
  • Helping prosecutors show juries the facts of criminal cases in the courtroom. 
  • Capturing details at crash scenes, including showing driver perspective. 
  • Illustrating the point of origin and burn patterns at fire scenes.  

Many of these uses are common across multiple college departments.

OSCR360 for College Campuses: University Police and Public Safety

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), there were approximately 27,300 criminal incidents reported on college campuses in 2019, representing about 18.7 incidents per 10,000 full-time-equivalent students. The most commonly reported crimes were burglaries, motor vehicle thefts, and forcible sex offenses.  

OSCR360 efficiently and thoroughly documents any types of minor or major crimes. At the crime scene, OSCR captures 360-degree spherical images, leaving no detail to the imagination. Within the OSCR360 Software, additional digital evidence can be attached to each 360-image via OSCR’s point-of-interest feature. Photos are time-stamped, and map overlays provide additional perspective about where the crime occurred. 

When an investigation requires cooperation between university police and outside agencies, OSCR360 keeps all parties on the same page. The system allows those who were not present at the original scene to virtually walkthrough the scene. If formal charges are pressed and the case goes to trial, OSCR360 documentation provides jurors with a powerful firsthand look around the scene through the eyes of an investigator. 

OSCR360 for College Campuses: IT Departments

A college campus IT department is tasked with a plethora of duties. In addition to providing technical support to the college community, the department is responsible for each piece of university-owned technology. An OSCR360 project can document the precise location of each device, router, and more for easy future reference. 

Not only can campuses keep track of the devices in each building, OSCR also makes it easy to track chemicals, or lab equipment. This information can be shared with local fire departments, in case there is ever an emergency involving hazardous and flammable materials.

OSCR for Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Courses: 

If your university course offerings include law enforcement-related degrees, such as criminal justice, forensics, law, and public safety, OSCR360 is a valuable addition to the course syllabus. OSCR360 is used by thousands of crime, crash, fire, and environmental investigators nationwide – and is a tool that up-and-coming law enforcement professionals should be educated about.

Furthermore, OSCR360 can virtually take a classroom full of students to a mock (or actual) crime scene to tour, discuss, and investigate. Top universities in the forensics and criminology fields, including the University of Maryland and the Henry Lee Institute of Forensic Sciences, have adopted OSCR360 into their coursework.  

Andy at Dr. Henry Lee Institute
Henry C. Lee Institute
OSCR360 Maryland Tour - University of Maryland
University of Maryland
Charleston College

OSCR360 for College Campuses: The Dean’s Office

As mentioned previously, OSCR360 virtual walkthroughs are an invaluable tool for emergency planning and campus safety. OSCR is helpful to campus administration in other ways, as well.

  • OSCR360 can virtually walk prospective students, alumni investors, and community stakeholders through the campus.  
  • OSCR360 presentations can be used in the boardroom during event planning meetings to coordinate location details rather than physically visiting the site in question.  
  • As campus facility space is allocated to various groups for various activities, refer to OSCR360 for the full picture of what those facilities look like.  
  • Capture “before” and “after” photos of capital improvement projects.  

How are current customers utilizing OSCR360 for campus safety and emergency pre-planning? 

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office in Arkansas is preparing for worst-case scenarios with virtual access to the school campuses, day or night, without interrupting student learning and normal campus activities. 

The Central Falls Police Department in Rhode Island finds that familiarity with school campuses empowers the entire team to respond confidently. Accessing the campus virtually is much more practical than getting all first responders physically into each building.  

The Morgantown Police Department in West Virginia is photographing, marking and labeling every room and space on school campuses to share with school resource officers. 

The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado appreciates that OSCR360 is fast, so documentation happens as quickly as the photographer can walk through the campus. 

A college in Monroe County, New York likes to view potential problem areas in OSCR360 and discuss solutions during training sessions.

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