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Welcome to L-Tron! Meet New team member, David 

When I was tasked with writing a blog welcoming our newest team member, David, I wasn’t sure what to expect. You see, I’ve written similar pieces before and every interviewee responds differently. Some are quite serious and to the point, while others are shy and don’t have much to say. 

David was neither. He was honest, funny, and quirky – which is an absolute must for the L-Tron team! Get to know David by reading our chat below. 

Getting to Know You Interview with David 

David has joined L-Tron’s Industrial Automation Sales Team with a long history of working in sales. He hails from New Jersey and is working remotely from his guest room… just like many of us during this season of life! 

Carmella: What has been your favorite part of the job so far?

David: The people! Everyone has been so welcoming. I can tell that this is a great team to be a part of. Everyone has a smile and a willing spirit to assist. I am looking forward to the day that I can travel up near the office and meet the team in person!

Carmella: We’re so glad you’re feeling welcome! As you will soon be discovering, ALL of us here at L-Tron are a bit quirky – and proud of it! I’d love it if you could share one of your quirks with us.

David: Salad should always be served in a separate bowl and not on your dinner plate. In fact, I rarely mix foods. I always eat what I deem is my favorite on the plate first, followed by everything else separately. I like to experience the different flavors independently – as long as it isn’t beets or quinoa. I try to avoid having those on my plate at all.

Carmella: Sounds like you’ll have no trouble at all fitting in with us here.! Next, I was going to ask you what you love about Rochester, but since you haven’t been here yet, why don’t you tell me about your home in New Jersey.

David: My wife Becky and I are actually moving in a few weeks to Ocean, NJ. We’ll be just two miles away from the beach and Asbury Park, a beach town that has been revitalized the past few years and has great restaurants, as well as music and other events. I’m hoping to enjoy all that it offers sometime in 2021 as we begin to open back up. [pause] I also hope to run into Bruce Springsteen. Being from NJ, I am a huge fan.

Carmella: Bruce Springsteen is a perfect segue into my next question. If you could trade lives with a celebrity, who would you trade with and why?

David: That’s a really tough question, but I’d have to go with Bono from U2. They’ve been one of the soundtracks of my life, and I like the poetic aspect of his lyrics, as well as his willingness to change and reinvent himself through the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. Plus, he wears sunglasses 24/7, just because he can. He’s always the coolest guy in the room and he knows it.

Carmella: Well, I think it’s safe to say you’re a music fan! I’m curious – what else do you enjoy in your spare time?

David: I’m an avid sports enthusiast. I enjoy basketball (Knicks), baseball (Mets), football (Giants), and my alma mater, Rutgers. So, you can see there isn’t much winning in my life as far as sports goes. Pre-COVID, I played basketball multiple times per week at my local YMCA and nearby parks. I keep a ball in the trunk of my car, just in case. Now, I stay active by walking 3 miles nearly each day. I also enjoy traveling and have been to some really cool places.

Carmella: That’s great! What are a couple of your favorites?

David: Greece is beautiful and I could eat lamb and fresh seafood daily. My wife also surprised me with a milestone birthday trip to Oktoberfest in Germany along with a few days in Dublin, Ireland. It was a very memorable trip…from what she tells me!

Carmella: [laughing] I’m sure it was! Ok, I have one final question. What is something that very few people know about you? 

David: If I wasn’t so responsible, and was more carefree, I would have attempted stand-up comedy or comedy writing. If I was more responsible and studious than I already am, I would have liked to become a lawyer, FBI agent, or crime scene investigator.

David G

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know David a little bit better.  

Welcome to the team, David!