How do you become a Crime Scene Technician

So, how do you become a Crime Scene Technician?


The path to becoming a crime scene technician varies depending on the candidate’s location, although there are two general paths – sworn and civilian. Each path has it’s own distinct advantages and disadvantages.


How to become a Crime Scene Technician as a sworn officer:

Nationwide, the vast majority of crime scene technicians are sworn officers. They start their careers as patrol officers and are given additional responsibilities as crime scene technicians through departmental assignment procedures. Because all of their required basic training is provided for them at the academy, most sworn officers do not have a scientific/academic background.


How to become a Crime Scene Technician as a civilian employee:

Civilian employees receive the same basic training as their police counterparts; however, many of them already have academic backgrounds in one of the sciences, typically biology or chemistry. They may also have completed courses, in criminal justice or forensic science. There are several colleges and universities throughout the country that offer Forensic Science degrees, including the Dr. Henry Lee Institute of Forensic Science. Such a background tends to position a civilian candidate favorably for employment.


Regardless of the candidate’s approach path, the selection process is similar. Crime scene technicians will be working for government – either directly for a law enforcement agency, or in a government-run laboratory. Government positions typically entail written entrance exams, background checks, and various assessments of physical and psychological suitability. Professional certification in various disciplines is a growing trend. Candidates are required to attain and maintain certification (usually from the IAI – International Association for Identification) as a condition for continued employment. This may include attending various training(s) or conferences on a yearly basis, in order to keep their skills up-to-date.


Are you interested in becoming a crime scene technician, or learning more about what the process is like? Feel free to contact a member of the L-Tron Law Enforcement Support team. Many of our retired officers worked as crime scene technicians at some point in their Law Enforcement careers, and can give you a first hand account of what the job entailed.



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