The Newest Member of the OSCR360 Team 

L-Tron’s OSCR360 system has been traveling the country and is currently being implemented by agencies in 42+ states. Thanks to the system’s ease-of-use and impact in the courtroom, OSCR has taken off in popularity among law enforcement agencies, fire departments, district attorney’s offices, schools and universities, and private investigation firms.  

With so much demand, the timing was right to add a new member to our OSCR360 team, and we found the right person for the job in Ben Peay. 

A Friendly Connection Between Clients & L-Tron 

Ben spent his first few weeks of training at the L-Tron office in Rochester and had the opportunity to work alongside several members of the team as he discovered more about the company. Ben was impressed and pleased with how friendly and helpful the L-Tron team has been as he adjusts to his new role. 

What interested Ben in OSCR? Well, growing up with a family of lawyers provided Ben with some background on the legal system, and OSCR360 was a large part of what attracted him to L-Tron in the first place. From day one, Ben has been intrigued by OSCR’s presentation software and the power it has in the courtroom.  

“The software is what is special about OSCR…its ability to completely transform the courtroom into the scene of the crime,”

– Ben Peay, OSCR360 team member

He went on to explain how almost every time he has spoken with a different agency, he hears them mention how they wish they had known about OSCR prior to a difficult past case. “It’s almost always a unique use. It’s interesting to hear what they make an immediate connection to…It seems like every department has a story,” says Ben.

Meet Ben Peay

Uniquely On-Task 

When most of us think of a corporate job, we typically envision sales members on the other end of the phone line sitting at a desk or in a cubicle. L-Tron, and Ben, are certainly the exception. 

At L-Tron, most team members have the ability (and choice) to work in a hybrid environment. Ben works remotely from his Manhattan apartment, so he is nowhere near a cubicle. What’s more is that Ben can be found anywhere in his apartment BUT at a desk. Instead, he’s known for pacing the floors while he chats with clients.  

He claims, “I’ll probably walk 15 miles per day while making phone calls.” 

That’s one way to get some exercise and stay active at work

Always Active 

Ben Peay outside

Outside of work hours, Ben enjoys staying busy and is an early riser each day. Prior to moving to Manhattan, he hiked frequently near his small town in the Catskill Mountains. Now, with far fewer hiking opportunities available, Ben still ventures outdoors as often as possible. He enjoys making trips to Central Park and the picturesque streets of the Upper West Side, stopping to explore new neighborhoods and people watch. 

What might be the most unique thing we’ve learned about Ben Peay? He is a budding cellist! Ben purchased his own cello and practices playing the instrument regularly, inspired by the musical group “Two Cellos.” Ben aspires to gain enough skill to play many of the modern pop songs he hears the band play. He also hopes to see Two Cellos perform live in the near future!  

What’s next for Ben Peay?

In the months ahead, Ben is looking forward to developing relationships with both law enforcement agencies and district attorney’s offices as he answers questions about OSCR and helps agencies identify funding sources.

Welcome to the L-Tron team, Ben!