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[Case Study]: OSCR360 Evidence Delivers Cortland County Case Conviction

OSCR360 Case Study:

Justice Served: OSCR360 Evidence results in Cortland County Case Conviction

Cortland Case Study - OSCR evidence results in Conviction
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[Case Study] OSCR360 Evidence Results in Cortland County Case Conviction

This case study provides an inside look at a recently convicted homicide case. See how OSCR360 was instrumental in capturing and presenting pivotal evidence, and clinching a conviction in court.

OSCR360 Evidence Clinches the Case

On April 19, 2018, Cortland County Sheriff’s Officers responded to a 911 call in the small, rural village of McGraw, located in Central New York. The emergency call requested EMS services for a two-year-old girl who had reportedly fallen from the bunkbed in her downstairs apartment. The child was found with life threatening injuries and immediately transported to the hospital, where she was soon declared deceased. The subsequent investigation led to the arrest of the child’s caregiver, who was tasked with babysitting while her mother was at work.

OSCR360 captured and presented integral evidence, provided reasonable doubt to the defendant’s claims and ultimately clinched a conviction in the courtroom.

The “Justice Served: OSCR360 Evidence results in Cortland County Case Conviction” Case Study will detail:

  • The background information on the case.
  • An overview of initial evidence & unanswered questions.
  • What game-changing evidence was first viewed in the OSCR360 images & how the system was used in court. 
  • Feedback from courtroom audiences & the end results of the trial.

What is OSCR360?

The OSCR360 system was developed after years of collaboration and feedback from prosecutors, investigators, jurors, photographers and engineers. The result? 

OSCR360 is THE single platform for crime scene investigations – everywhere, every case, every time. The system captures 360-degree crime scene images, then stores and organizes all of your digital evidence from the case. Finally, prosecutors are able dynamically present the case in court – providing context to judges/juries and ultimately resulting in case convictions. Justice served.

courtroom presentation - cortland county case study

Your Voice, Your Feedback

Accepted and used in the courtroom, OSCR360 has assisted Prosecutors and Law Enforcement on murder trials, grand jury hearings, presenting witness testimony and in courtroom closing arguments.

“OSCR360 was influential in a recent homicide trial because it allowed me to take the Jury to the scene, virtually. OSCR helped me to answer Jurors’ questions and support investigator testimony by explaining details of the case in complete 360-detail. You could tell the jurors instantly ‘got it’. The software was easy to use, to navigate, and to use to admit the photographs as a fair and accurate representation of the scene. It was great and I look forward to using it again!”

– NY District Attorney’s Office

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