Happy Friday and last day of Engineers Week 2018! What did you do this week to celebrate your engineers? Share your photos with us on twitter at @LTronCorp.

The History

Originally designed as a nontechnical organization for licensed engineers, the National Society of Professional Engineers was founded in 1934. As a member of the group that first established the organization, David B. Steinman, designer of the Mackinac Bridge served as its first president. In 1951, NSPE founded National Engineers Week aiming to encourage diversity within engineering in the present and future.
For decades, National Engineers Week programs were run by local, disconnected, industry focused organizations. Consequently in 1990, The National Engineers Week Foundation launched “DiscoverE” as the first formal call to engineers nationwide to volunteer and spread their expertise particularly amongst K-12 classrooms. As of late, National Engineers Week is represented and celebrated by individuals, companies, schools, and organizations in any number of ways to support and encourage engineers of all ages all around the world.

How We Celebrate Engineers Week 2018

Here at L-Tron, we enjoy making people smile. Therefore, to round out the week, we wanted to share some fun videos that show just how much our engineers love their jobs! Watch our “Happy” Engineers dance to the beat of their own drums here:

We all know that within a company, there are different departments with different skill sets. Our marketing team sure is a creative bunch. “Surf’s Up” Engineering Team!

L-Tron Culture

One thing that is truly unique to L-Tron is our incredible company culture. From birthday celebrations and food Friday parties to fury friends making visits around the office, we appreciate everyone in the office. As our  Director of Operations often says: “An Office is a Building, Work is a feeling”. We hope you enjoyed these videos as much as we did!
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