light grenade

Have you heard of a Light Grenade?

Often when we ask people that question, the common response is a Light Grenade is a “flashbang” which may also be referred to as a “stun grenade” or “flash grenade”.
Guess what? They’re wrong. What is a flash bang vs light grenade?

What is a Light Grenade?

A Light Grenade is a tactical light that is thrown and deployed in dark environments to light up the entire area, making it easier for law enforcement officials to detect threats. In field testing, Light Grenade dramatically improved reaction times to suspects in dimly lit rooms when compared to cone-shaped lighting from a traditional flashlight. Light Grenade eliminates tunnel vision when illuminating a complete 360 degree area.

What is a flashbang?

A flashbang is a distraction device, rather than a lighting gear. Flash-bangs are used by law enforcement to disorient the suspect(s) using non-lethal means. When a flash bang deploys, it explodes, temporarily creating a blinding flash of light as well as a deafening sound.

How is Light Grenade similar to a flashbang?

  1. Both are used by Law Enforcement.
  2. Both emit light.

That’s about it in the way of similarities. Read on to learn how Light Grenades are different from flash bangs.

How is Light Grenade different from a flashbang?

  1. Light Grenade is silent…or at least really quiet. When Light Grenade is thrown, it does not “explode” or make noise. Instead, it lands quietly on its 12-sided, non-rolling rubber frame. The person who deployed the unit then uses a remote fob to power the light. By the way, a 12-sided sphere is called a “dodecahedron.”
  2. Light Grenade’s 1500 lumen output is bright enough to provide illumination, but not so bright that it causes blindness or burns. Although flashbangs are designed to be non-lethal, they have resulted in somes deaths and serious injuries. This light allows you to see movement and shadows before the threat sees you.
  3. Light Grenade is used by special tactical units AND by patrol officers. Flashbangs are reserved for special circumstances, such as hostage rescues, riots, barricades, and high-risk warrant situations. Light Grenades are safe, dependable and cost-effective enough to be used in everyday law enforcement situations, such as in-progress burglaries, building clearing, and investigations. No special training required.
  4. RUGGED. Light Grenade can break through glass, be submerged in water and stand up to high drops and heavy weight – even a pick-up truck. (link videos)
  5. The battery life of a Light Grenade is about one hour, but the device is rechargeable, supporting over 500 full charges.
  6. KID-FRIENDLY. Unlike a flashbang, which is too dangerous to risk using around children, Light Grenade is perfectly safe to use in homes, schools or other locations where children may be present.
  7. DOG-FRIENDLY. K9 units train to for situations with loud gunfire. They may even train around flashbangs. But unlike humans, canines are not able to put in ear plugs or cover their ears. They do not know when a flashbang is about to deploy and divert their eyes. No matter how much training a K9 receives, a flashbang can take the dog temporarily out of commission after it deploys. Light Grenade is K-9 friendly. Check out this video.

Light Grenade. Designed by cops, for cops.

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