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Thank You, Next Chapter. What I Learned at my L-Tron Internship.

With college graduation just around the corner, I have found it nearly impossible to focus my train of thought. Before I can put on my cap and gown and walk across that stage, I have to ensure that I have completed all of my credits, maintained my GPA, and registered for graduation on time. On top of all of the basic requirements for becoming a college graduate, I need to be certain I have enough work experience to impress potential employers so that I can secure a job after graduation. Not just any job- something I can mold into a career. As someone who has had a job since she was 14, I am certainly not shy of work experience. I have bused tables, served ice cream, bagged groceries, and entertained at birthday parties. My customer service skills are exceptional, but none of these positions made me feel prepared to take on a career. Amidst all of my part-time endeavors, I have always been in school. When you think about it, the sum of schooling from elementary school to completing an undergraduate degree totals 17 years- that’s over half my lifetime sitting at a desk and learning about what comes next.
So, what happens when I have to leave the comfort of my classroom and apply what I’ve learned in the real world? I have absolutely no idea.
As a dance and psychology major, I have been told how useless both of my degrees are. Both of my parents (who are accountants by the way) were worried about my job prospects with two degrees that have limited options. This concern manifested itself in my anxiety about graduating from college and finding a job. Unless I go straight to grad school, there isn’t much I can do with my two majors. And while I do want to get my master’s someday, I decided taking a break from school and getting more work experience was the best path for me. This means taking two “useless” degrees and finding a job that pays above minimum wage- cue the anxiety.
My mom got me in contact with the L-Tron Corporation while I was home for my last winter break. While I was incredibly grateful to be practically handed this opportunity, I couldn’t quiet the voice in the back of my head reminding me that I did not get this job because I was qualified. Last I checked, I wasn’t about to graduate with a marketing degree and here I was about to start an L-Tron internship in their marketing department. I never imagined the combination of my two degrees could ever be useful in the field of marketing, but this experience proved me wrong.

What did I learn from my L-Tron internship?

This experience reminded me how capable I am when I set my mind to something. My L-Tron internship supervisors were beyond supportive and made sure I enjoyed the work I was doing. As a marketing intern, my job ranged from researching schools with forensic science degrees to writing posts for the company’s blog. I was asked to write award submissions, create social media posts, draft a series of articles, and fulfill any other role that supported the work of the marketing department. I gained a new perspective on the worth of my two degrees and regained confidence in my own abilities. I found myself loving the work I was doing and was pleasantly surprised how much I could rely on the skills I had learned from my college degrees. I realized something that should have been so painfully obvious- I wouldn’t be allowed to graduate if I wasn’t ready. The combination of my hard work and persistence has paid off in the form of a college diploma and prepared me in the pursuit of a career. Together with L-Tron’s nurturing environment, this experience reminded me of my worth and made me feel like my ideas mattered. I learned how to apply my psychology degree in the field of marketing, which in the end is all about managing relationships. My dance major not only cultivated my creativity but also gave me the confidence to express my ideas. The marketing department at L-Tron took these skills and encouraged my growth as a member of their team. I produced content that I never thought I was capable of and was never afraid to contribute to the solution. I became a valuable member of a functioning team and found comfort in the fact that I was capable of fulfilling a role by relying on my own skill-set. L-Tron establishes a supportive environment that helped me reach my fullest potential and reminded me that I am qualified to achieve anything I set my mind to.
It is normal to doubt yourself. I was trapped in a cycle of self-doubt that contributed to my anxiety about graduation. After experiencing the nurturing environment my L-Tron internship offered, I realize that everything is not black and white. Just because I got a degree in dance and psychology, does not mean I have to pursue a career as a dancer or psychologist. I am smart, hardworking, and dedicated to going above and beyond what is expected of me. If this experience has taught me anything, it’s that I can do anything I set my mind to. L-Tron taught me that each piece of the puzzle has value and contributes to the final picture. I cannot wait to see how far my experience at L-Tron will take me and where this post-graduation road will lead. To anyone doubting themselves, there is a path for you that will guide you to success. For me, I found purpose at L-Tron. I feel confident that I have the passion and skills necessary to build a career for myself. While the gradual descent into adulthood is still frightening, I am no longer afraid of being “useless.” My L-Tron internship has taught me to use my talents and rely on my potential to be exceptional.
This piece was also published in the Hofstra Chronicle here.
Meaghan Flaherty -Thank you next chapter