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What are the Pros and Cons of a Pet-Friendly Office?

In our most recent blog, we shared a bit about our pet-loving office & introduced the L-Tron team’s office pets. L-Tron owners, RAD and Gayle, have created a warm & inclusive company culture, embracing each of us for who we are – and for many of us, our pets are a big part of that! Prior to the COVID pandemic, several of us would bring our furry friends into the office for visits. Now, most of us are working remotely with our animals right by our sides. 

What are some of the pros and cons of having a pet-friendly office?

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What is the value of a pet-friendly office? Meet the LTC Office Pets

Do you currently work in a pet-friendly office? What are the pros & cons of having the flexibility to bring your animals into work? At L-Tron, many of our team members have pets they love. Get to know some of our 4-legged co-workers inside and out of the office.

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How do you Talk to an Engineer?

“So, what do you do for work?”   It’s pretty common to hear this question come up during small talk situations, and most people are able to rattle off a canned answer about their job title, company and a description.  Yet when we asked our team of engineers about their jobs, here are some of the responses we received:   “…no …

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New Kid on the Block, Part 3

Written by Hank Kula When friends ask what I do at L-Tron, I answer honestly, “I don’t know.”  As I mentioned in part 2, company roles are continually evolving, and you can read about my Law Enforcement background, prior to L-Tron, in Part 1. Summarily, I write “content” in connection with our crime scene / …

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New Kid on the Block, Part 2

Written by Hank Kula When I walked into L-Tron on my first day, I was greeted by CEO RAD DeRose. Talk about cool names.  He was RAD.  (Sorry.) RAD had a new laptop for me.  Score.  The laptop is touch screen.  Double score.  With the laptop came VPN.  Heard of it. Knew what it was. …

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quirky is the new cool

Quirky is the New Cool.

  Remember that girl in school who dressed a bit “weird”? She was goth long before goth became a trend. Or that guy in the office who never seemed to fit in? He may have been labeled “odd”.   I remember when someone who was covered in tattoos made heads turn, unacceptable? I know someone in law school who tattooed her …

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