L-Tron Team Building - what are the legos for?

Why are there Legos in the conference rooms? L-Tron held a team building exercise to help solve the mystery.

Last week, three bowls of LEGOs mysteriously appeared in the L-Tron conference rooms with no explanation.

Being curious and excited about the potential for a team building opportunity, the M-Team set out to discover the real reason behind the sudden presence of building blocks by getting the whole office involved.

LEGO shaped index cards were placed in the kitchen and each member of the L-Tron team was asked to write down their guesses for why the building blocks were there. At the end of the week, the guesses were put on the wall and the real reason was revealed. The LEGOs were placed in the conference room for people to fidget with and to relieve nervous energy!

The building blocks served another purpose, however, in getting the office to think creatively and participate in a team building activity. Our quirky office team was divided into three groups and asked to assign a “Builder” to their group. The rest of their group would send one member over at a time to look at a LEGO tower that had been built in another room. They then had to go back and communicate to the “Builder” how to create that same structure. The first team to finish AND most closely resemble the original tower wins! While one team technically finished first, everyone was a winner and we all got to enjoy some snacks before heading back to work.

The L-Tron team also got to read everyone’s guesses- here’s what some employees guessed about the reason behind the LEGOs in the conference room:

“For the kids to play with when they come in to visit”

“To build my next dream house”


“That wasn’t candy?”

“To spark creativity and to help bring about mindsets of innovation”

“A Nervous energy reliever”


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