L-Tron is proud to announce that two speakers from their team will be presenting at the IAI International Forensic Educational Conference in Reno, NV from August 11th-17th, 2019.

Trevor DiMarco and John Dobies will be presenting on two different use-cases with OSCR360, a game-changing tool used by Law Enforcement agencies, environmental safety agencies, fire departments, attorneys, universities, government agencies and private investigation firms.

L-Tron has two speaking presentations in Reno at IAI 2019
Meet John & Trevor at the IAI Conference in Reno

At the conference, John Dobies, a key member of L-Tron’s Law Enforcement Support team will be presenting a case study, entitled, “How 360-degree Spherical Photography Assisted in a Hunting-Related Shooting Fatality Investigation.” John was a crime scene technician on this scene and he also testified at Grand Jury with OSCR360. Dobies, a certified NYS Lead Crime Technician and retired environmental conservation officer, has over three decades of experience investigating crimes at misdemeanor and felony levels. Dobies has won numerous awards throughout his career and currently is a respected Wildlife Crime Scene Investigations and Forensics instructor at a local college.

Trevor DiMarco, L-Tron’s Director of Solutions, will be presenting “Tying Together 700 pieces of Evidence: How case organization Tools aided in the Rideout Murder Trial.”In 2017, OSCR360 was used in closing arguments by the prosecution in the high-profile Rideout Murder Trial in Rochester, NY. The prosecution team used OSCR in court to walk through the case with visuals. DiMarco was instrumental in getting OSCR into the hands of investigators and prosecutors, and was in the courtroom to see how effectively OSCR360 was used during closing arguments.

OSCR360 entered the market in 2017 and is currently being used in organizations across 18 states and counting, including the Boston Police Department; Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, and the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science. The OSCR system includes a capture kit to quickly & easily document entire scenes within minutes, as well as purpose-built software that ties all digital evidence together and contains it all in one place.

“Agencies and organizations are loving the speed, efficiency, ease of use and quality that OSCR360 brings to the table. What makes it better is that our clients are identifying dozens of new uses for OSCR, from crime and crash scene investigation to environmental investigations to hazmat and arson investigations to incident pre-planning and training purposes and more. It’s exciting to hear customer feedback and to know that OSCR is making such a large impact with agencies of all sizes.”

Gayle DeRose, COO L-Tron

Members of the L-Tron team have regularly attended and presented at IAI conferences over the past year, including L-Tron’s Director of Forensic Education, Andy McNeill’s “Introduction to Forensic Spherical Photography” in September and October of 2018. The team is proud of our two speaking presentations in Reno, and looking forward to exhibiting at the conference. The IAI is a world renowned organization with over 7,000 members focused on advancing forensic disciplines through education.


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