How to Decide if a Mobile App is Right for your Business

On a fairly regular basis, we are asked if we sell a mobile application that can do one thing or another for a business. Frequently this request is coming from a business looking to automate an existing process or looking to do something completely new in the hopes of giving their business some sort of …

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Are Rapid Application Development Tools Worth It?

Step right up.  Be the first kid on your block to develop an application in less time than it takes to write your name.  No need to be a programmer.  Simple interfaces and fast deployment…You’ve heard it all.  Is this the greatest thing since sliced bread? While it is true that you don’t have to be …

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Automating Your Mobile Employees

So you’re feeling positive about your operations since you automated many of your internal systems. What happens when one of your employee’s jobs takes them away from their computer? Imagine this scenario: They have to find something in the warehouse. They have to deliver product to a customer. They make a sales call. If these …

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Mobile Application Development 101

Lately as I’ve chatted with colleagues and friends about my company and what we do, I’ve found that there are many folks out there that don’t understand the nuances of Mobile Application Development.  Although L-Tron has been providing barcode, scanning, data collection, RFID, and industrial level computing products and solutions for decades, mobility technology solutions is one of our specialties and I thought …

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