The L-Tron team has returned from a successful 2022 IACP Conference (International Association of Chiefs of Police). Formerly known as LEIM, the IACP is dedicated to providing training, professional development and networking in the realm of new and emerging law enforcement technologies. This year’s three-day event took place from May 24-26 at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, WI.  

As long-time supporters of Law Enforcement, L-Tron proudly sponsors educational opportunities and charitable events for Officers nationwide. In recent history, L-Tron has attended many IACP technology events, including conferences in Arizona, Georgia, Texas and Missouri. L-Tron team members, Julianne Pangal and Nate Leibensperger, attended this year’s event. This was Nate’s first opportunity to travel with L-Tron, and he appreciated the opportunity to spend some face-to-face time chatting in-person with partners and Law Enforcement clients. 

At the conference, L-Tron showcased its 4910LR Driver’s License Reader, an electronic scanner purpose-built for electronic ticketing and other Law Enforcement applications. The 4910LR is used at roadside traffic stops, collisions, and other incidents in which officers need to collect motorists’ personal information. The license reader instantly scans the barcodes on driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations, auto-populates the data into eCitation software on the patrol vehicle’s laptop or tablet and creates error-free reports and citations. Thousands of agencies in all 50 states rely on the 4910’s efficiency and accuracy, getting officers off the roadside and back on patrol faster. Many law enforcement agencies at IACP shared that are happily using the 4910LR in their patrol vehicles. Others expressed interest in purchasing the 4910 due to a dislike of their current eCitation equipment or the fact that they are still manually entering motorist information into forms and would like to update their process.  

Agencies also enjoyed trying out L-Tron’s patented OSCR360 system. Built from the voice of Law Enforcement, L-Tron’s crime and crash scene investigation equipment (OSCR360) was developed to capture entire scenes in minutes, preserve and organize critical evidence, present it clearly, and ultimately close cases with convictions.

There was a high level of interest in OSCR for crash reconstruction purposes, such as photographing cramped vehicle interiors, capturing the driver’s perspective at the time of the crash, and the ability to efficiently process a higher volume of scenes. Agencies also expressed interest in OSCR as an everyday/every use investigations tool and for use in high-crime areas. Many departments are currently faced with understaffing issues and appreciate the time- and resource-saving opportunities that OSCR360 provides.

Images from the 2022 IACP Conference in Milwaukee, WI

In addition to the 4910LR and OSCR360, the L-Tron team shared other technology with attendees, including Honeywell’s CT30 handheld mobile computer for on-the-go connectivity, Brother’s PocketJet® 7 for speedy, high-quality in-vehicle printing, and L-Tron’s Magnetic Mount for easy, reliable license scanner storage in the patrol car. 

“We had a terrific time at IACP this year. It’s always exciting to experience our technology through the eyes of new users. We were able to share hands-on demonstrations of the 4910LR with departments, who saw just how fast, effective, and easy-to-use our scanner is. Other agencies tried out OSCR360 down vacant hallways and under our booth so they could see for themselves how well OSCR captures various scenes. Hearing feedback like ‘I can’t believe it,’ ‘This caught my eye,’ and ‘We could do so much with this!’ really validates our time at the conference as well-spent.”  

Julianne Pangal, Customer Engagement at L-Tron

L-Tron has partnered with public safety agencies for two decades to provide technology solutions built from your voices. We are honored to “Back the Blue” across the country by providing equipment, resources, training, and support.


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