L-Tron is pleased to announce that we have renewed our business partnership with Loftware Nicelabel. NiceLabel, a longtime L-Tron partner, merged with Loftware last year to expand its extensive array of innovative labeling capabilities. Loftware NiceLabel is now the largest labeling software enterprise in the world. The sustained partnership between L-Tron and Loftware Nicelabel further solidifies L-Tron’s position as a valuable resource for clients with custom labeling requirements.

“The NiceLabel/Loftware merger combined two talented teams and a plethora of technologies to continue making forward progress in the labeling industry. The organization not only offers distinctive products from both company names, but also new solutions developed under the merger. Our partnership continues to broaden our labeling portfolio and L-Tron’s ability to offer high-quality, custom labeling solutions to our customers.” 

Trevor DiMarco, L-Tron President

L-Tron recognizes that standard barcode labels aren’t ideal for every business, but a trial-and-error approach to labeling can be costly and time consuming. L-Tron works closely with clients to identify and deliver to their unique media and printing supply needs.

L-Tron’s team has deep industry knowledge and is skilled at identifying the best labeling solutions and software to accomplish difficult tasks. L-Tron offers resources ranging from test and sample labels to technical support and service. The L-Tron team is well-versed in current business regulations for a wide range of industries and highly knowledgeable about business operations and supply chain challenges. 

We are proud to continue to build on our relationship with Loftware/Nicelabel. 

About L-Tron 

Established in 1975, L-Tron specializes in world-class data capture hardware and software for the public sector, field mobility, and manufacturing industries. Our mission is to truly understand your workflow challenges and collaborate with you to find a cost-effective solution to optimize your efficiency. We’re pleasant, proactive, and passionate about providing service and product excellence. Your success is our purpose! 

NiceLabel Loftware Partner Certificate


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