L-Tron will be attending and sponsoring the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) Technology Conference this spring in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Formerly known as the LEIM Conference, the annual event is hosted in various cities around the country from year to year. Active members of Law Enforcement, as well as IT and technology managers for Law Enforcement agencies are invited to share best practices and receive training on the latest technology advancements in the field. This year’s conference is scheduled for May 24-26, 2022 at the Wisconsin Center.  

L-Tron team members Julianne Pangal and Nate Leibensperger plan to attend this year’s event. The L-Tron team is well-acquainted with the IACP Technology Conference, as the company attended IACP in Arizona in 2013, Georgia in 2014, Texas in 2016, and Missouri in 2017. The team is looking forward to catching up with current clients and partners, as well as connecting with new Law Enforcement agencies. Stop by and say hello to the L-Tron team at booth #429. 

As the IACP website explains, the role of technology in law enforcement continues to increase over time, contributing to safer, more efficient, and more effective day-to-day practices on the job. The IACP Technology Conference not only seeks to examine the benefits of a wide gamut of technologies available, but to also explore the challenges that new technology can present to agencies. The L-Tron will be available to demo its most current Law Enforcement technology offerings, which were strategically developed with Officer input and feedback to increase efficiency and keep Officers and communities safe.  

Images from previous IACP Technology conferences

Featured Products at the 2022 IACP Technology Conference

The 4910LR Driver’s License Reader has helped thousands of agencies in all 50 states to replace their handwritten citations with more efficient and accurate e-Citations. At traffic stops and collision scenes, Officers instantly capture barcoded information from driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations with the 4910LR. This data automatically populates into electronic forms and reports on the Officer’s tablet or laptop, which can then be printed on the vehicle’s mobile printer. The electronic documents are easily transferred to the agency’s administrative and court systems. Overall, the 4910LR allows Officers to spend less time on the roadside, saving time, decreasing operational costs, and promoting the safety of both Patrol Officers and their communities.   

Built from the voice of Law Enforcement, L-Tron’s crime and crash scene investigation equipment (OSCR360) was developed to capture entire scenes in minutes, preserve and organize critical evidence, present it clearly, and ultimately close cases with convictions. The OSCR360 software and 360-degree Capture Kit being used by agencies across the country for; homicide investigations, unattended deaths, burglaries, fire scenes, environmental conservation, incident preplanning, investigator training, and more. 

Additional Information

For more information about the upcoming IACP Conference, please visit https://www.theiacp.org/tech-conference.  

For more than two decades, L-Tron has partnered with public safety agencies to provide technology solutions built from your voice. We are a proud New York State business and are honored to “Back the Blue” in our own state, as well as in all 50 states nationwide, through a variety of educational events, non-profit sponsorships and more. “Your Success is our Purpose.” 


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