childfirst for hhs and cps caseworkers
The teams of professionals at Health and Human Services (HHS) and Child Protective Services (CPS) agencies juggle heavy workloads.
Their critical casework is weighed down with the mountain of paperwork required for each case—up to 400 reports and 2,500 pages per child. With the rigorous demands for a caseworker’s time, details can be missed.
When those gaps impact the protection provided to the children, these agencies need to find a solution.
By leveraging the advances in technology, HHS and CPS agencies can implement the ChildFirst solution, which not only eases the paperwork burden, but also creates a better reporting vehicle for both the caseworkers and their supervisors.
Today, we have the knowledge, power, and technology that enables caseworkers to securely enter, transmit, and retrieve essential data in real-time, as well as share their activity with supervisors—also in real-time.
This technology eliminates manual data entry and even enables caseworkers to easily identify their location, which is an important safety tool.

We have developed a customized solution for HHS and CPS caseworkers to increase efficiency, called ChildFirst.

  • Data consolidation. Before a case can be closed, all of the data must be gathered. With ChildFirst, the information is easily accessible and verifiable, expediting workflow so cases can be efficiently closed and managed.
  • Evidence and data capture. The built-in scanner captures barcode tags on mailboxes or doorways, captures signatures, and even checkboxes.
  • Progress tracking. ChildFirst’s automated system provides real-time workflow reporting of a caseworker’s progress. Supervisors use this heightened visibility to provide valuable performance direction and training.
  • Date, time, and location stamping. When the caseworker enters data into the Zebra handheld computer, entries are automatically stamped with date, time, and GPS location.

This integrated solution to the caseworker’s difficult balancing act delivers helps on both ends. The ChildFirst Solution’s digital entry and tracking delivers an invaluable case management and efficiency tool.
If your current system has data efficiency gaps, please talk to us. We want to help you protect the children to the best of your ability, and we believe this complete solution addresses the challenges you’re currently facing.


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