If you’ve been following this series on electronic ticketing, you know that a total eCitation solution is essential to protecting officer safety, as well as increasing accuracy and decreasing the number of voided violations.
You also have a good idea of the technology you’re going to need—both hardware and software. But purchasing the components is a big decision. The partner who provides you the solution needs to do more than just deliver. There is far more, before and after the delivery, that you need to consider for acquiring, deploying, and maintaining electronic citations. Here’s some insight on how to choose your technology partner:
badge-38Cost does not determine value.
Everyone looks for the best deal possible when making an investment in technology. Before you commit to buying from a particular reseller, consider what is included with the price.

  • Are you choosing a reputable company that will be around years from now?
  • Does this partner/reseller have a long-standing relationship with the manufacturer?
  • Does your partner provide best-in-class products?

The quality of that relationship not only reflects on the partner, but also on the level of support, knowledge, and pricing they get from the company. The lowest bid may be enticing, but be sure you know what you’re getting—and what you’re not!
L-Tron Corporation’s been in the business for over 35 years. We’ve maintained steady relationships with top-tier partners like Zebra Technologies. And we have customers coming back for support, new products, and industry knowledge on a day-to-day basis.
badge-4Look at services available after the sale.
If you’re like many law enforcement agencies, you don’t have IT professionals at your beck and call. When there’s a question or problem, who gets the 9-1-1 on your tech troubles? First and foremost, look for a technology partner who will be available every step of the way—from developing the solution to installation and training and long after it has been deployed. You might need adjustments to the software or troubleshooting with the hardware (which is why our team of experts are available to assist! Chat with them here). Of course, if you choose the right partner in the beginning, you’ll get reliable technology that will deliver lasting performance.
badge-27Knowledge is power.
Next, you should consider the partner’s knowledge, experience, and track record in delivering solutions for law enforcement. This is not a one-size-fits-all technology solution. You need someone who can collaborate with state and local agencies and also understands the needs dictated by the limited space of an officer’s vehicle and the ergonomics of the equipment, for example. A partner who has completed installations and trainings with law enforcement agencies has more valuable insight than those who have no specialty.
Ask the partner candidates how they gain their product knowledge.

  • Do they attend seminars and conferences?
  • How closely do they work with their manufacturers to remain current on their product knowledge?
  • How many eCitation solution deployments have they completed?
  • Do they have knowledge of outcomes?

The choice of the technology partner for your eCitation solution is as important as the solution itself. You’re making a long-term commitment and deserve a partner who is equally committed to ensuring your success.
RAD DeRose