There’s nothing “routine” about a traffic stop. Every time an officer pulls over a driver, he puts his life on the line.
39% of officer fatalities in 2014 were due to traffic-related incidents. Protecting law enforcement agents who are trying to protect the community has become a major initiative. Electronic ticketing delivers a solution to reducing the risk by expediting the process.
Partnering with Zebra to provide superior printing capabilities for our electronic ticketing (eCitation) solution, we’ve worked closely with law enforcement agencies around the country to see the critical importance of eCitation for more than 15 years.
The software used in eCitation features drop-down menus for violations, so the form is auto-populated. The information is transmitted to the courthouse and the ticket is printed on a vehicle-mounted Zebra mobile printer, like the RW420 and ZQ520.
The benefits add up to a more efficient, effective ticketing system:
greater accuracy, fewer voidsGreater accuracy, fewer voids:
No more illegible, handwritten citations and no need to rekey information, which can lead to errors—and dismissed citations.
Faster processingFaster processing: 
A handwritten citation can require up to 15 minutes for the officer to write—more, if there are multiple violations. With eCitation, the same form can be written in less than a minute, which puts the officer back on the road sooner. Plus, with the instant transmission, paperwork is reduced, payment can be expedited, and court appearances are scheduled within minutes.
Increased awarenessIncreased awareness: 
With electronic ticketing, the officer can keep his eyes on the situation instead of a paper report. The increased situational awareness, combined with faster resolution, increases officer safety.
easy to useEasy to use:
eCitation is a user-friendly system, requiring minimal training.
The longer the traffic stop, the greater the risk. eCitation not only adds a layer of protection for the officer, but also protects the municipality from the waste of voided citations.
If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of eCitation and how to apply this technology to your agency, call us at (800) 830-9523 to speak to one of our tech experts.
RAD DeRose