This is the fifth part of our series on electronic ticketing (also known as electronic citations and eCitations). We’ve already covered a wide range of key topics, from the technology you need to choosing the right technology partner. Now, we’re looking at how to execute a successful deployment of your electronic ticketing solution.

badge-47Assemble your own eCitation SWAT team

Review the deployment plan in advance so you know who will be involved in your law enforcement agency or municipality and that all members understand their roles in the process—and the importance of each. Your technology partner should be available for support and guidance on the deployment throughout the process, so make sure you include them in the plan when assigning roles.

badge-46Do a run-through of the installation with your provider

As with any tactical deployment, preparation is essential to success. A technology partner who is experienced in working with law enforcement will have the knowledge to minimize interruptions in the workflow. Discuss the timing for the installation, training, and launch, so you fully understand what to expect.

badge-19Review the training schedule

The electronic citation solution you choose should not require extensive training. The goal is to implement a system that is easy to use. If it’s too complex, you allow gaps for errors to creep in. Plan for a test group to go through the training before a full-scale deployment. Flag any potential problems with the training process. Again, if you are working with a technology partner who has completed numerous eCitation deployments, every possibility for a problem has likely already been addressed.

badge-17Host a partner Q & A session

When you’re ready to begin deployment, start by bringing together your officers and technology partner for a question-answer session. Your department might have questions you have yet to consider. Give them this opportunity to speak directly with the IT people, who should also make it clear they are available before, during, and after deployment.
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RAD DeRose