4910LR magnetic mount and mic mountL-Tron is pleased to introduce the NEW Magnetic Mount for the 4910LR Driver’s License Reader


L-Tron is pleased to introduce the NEW Magnetic Mount for the 4910LR Driver’s License Reader.

The Magnetic Mount for the 4910LR was built from your voice. Limit distractions and stay safe while on patrol.


Purpose Built for Rugged Environments

The Magnetic Mount was built to withstand rugged environments – aka your patrol car. Stop throwing your scanner around your car, letting it live in your cup holder, or letting it hang out on your passenger seat. With the Magnetic Mount, it is easy to get your scanner mounted and back in place quickly.

Easy to Install

The mounting location for the Magnetic Mount does not need to be visible – just within your reach. Easy install instructions are included with each mount. Decide the best place in your patrol car – for you.

Saves Time

Eliminate the need to slide the 4910LR into a MIC style clip (and have it fall off). Stop struggling to lock in your 4910LR. The 4910LR DL reader will quickly engage and automatically self-center as soon as the DL Reader mount comes close to the magnet. The scanner can easily pull off the magnetic mount and the scanner button can even be activated while still mounted.

Reduces Distractions & Improves Officer Safety

The Magnetic Mount is rated for up to 70lbs of force – which means that your scanner will stay put during the most rugged driving conditions. In pursuit of a suspect, or even in a rollover crash, your 4910LR will remain in place. Keep your 4910LR off the floor, out of a cup holder, and prevent it from getting airborne.


The Magnetic Mount is available exclusively through L-Tron.

Part number: 4910LR-MM

Cost: $29.50 each

Current lead time: 2-4 weeks

Lead time as of 7/1/2018: 2-3 business days

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“Anybody that’s used these old mounts with the plastic knows that they can break off. Sometimes you’ll see the scanners in a cup holder, or sometimes they fall on the seat, and it’s not a good idea to have to go looking for it while you’re at a traffic stop. You want to maintain eye contact with the driver of the vehicle. So with these scanners, it’s so much easier to get your information into the computer while keeping visual contact with the driver – for Officer safety. Having [the scanner] closer to you, and not able to move – those magnets are really strong – it makes me feel better at least”

– Officer Ed, Mohawk Police Department, NY


4910LR DL Reader for eCitation and Law Enforcement


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