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L-Tron generously donates creation of new BOHA Policeman’s Ball website, to support NYS Law Enforcement


The LTC team is always looking for opportunities to Back the Blue. Donating our time, resources and creative to help bring the 2018 Policeman’s Ball page to life was a way for us to help honor those officers who made the ultimate sacrifice.


The Badge of Honor Association is holding its annual Policeman’s Ball to honor police officers involved in critical incidents and those who made the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives while serving in the line of duty. BOHA hopes to raise funds at the ball for the various programs that support these officers and their families.

The BOHA Policeman’s Ball will honor several fallen officers and officers involved in critical incidents. This year, Officer Craig Lehner and NYS Trooper Joel Davis will both be honored. These Officers passed away in the line of duty in 2017. Officer Lehner was an Officer with the Buffalo Police Department and an inspiring community figure. His loss is especially meaningful given the location of the ball this year.

Our Edu-Techie team was honored to be able to assist Gina and the Badge of Honor team by creating a site-page redesign which included building a page dedicated to the annual ball. L-Tron hopes this will bring more awareness to the event, which was moved to the city of Buffalo this year. The L-Tron team volunteers with BOHA  and also donated to their “Children of the Fallen” shopping event in December.


“It is a pleasure to give back to organizations like the Badge of Honor Association. As a company we are proud to back the blue through financial donations as well as sharing our knowledge, expertise and resources to support Officers in NY state and throughout the country.”

– Gayle F. DeRose, CMO & Partner at L-Tron Corporation

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Here is (short) list of a few of the current corporate sponsors:

About the Badge of Honor Association

The Badge of Honor Association (BOHA) is a 100% volunteer run organization that supports more than 25,000 Officers across 28 counties throughout Western and Central New York state. Together, BOHA provides much needed support for Officers who are involved in critical incidents by donating financially to them and providing counseling, education, and a network of support. The Badge of Honor Association also provides support for children who have lost a parent or guardian in the line of duty.

Sponsorship and donations are needed to support the costs of the 2018 BOHA Policeman’s Ball, as well as fund our ongoing programs throughout the year.



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