Motorcycle Safety Awareness MonthDid you know May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month?


Spring has finally sprung. Along with the reappearance of blooming flowers and singing birds, motorcycles have hit the streets once again.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), “Motorcycle deaths occurred 27 times more frequently than fatalities in other vehicles” (

As a driver, how can you stay hyper aware of motorcyclists on the road? And how can motorcycle operators do a better job of protecting themselves or preventing a crash? Here are a few ways to keep Motorcycle Safety Awareness at the top of mind this month.

Motorcycle Safety Awareness for Riders


1. Wear a helmet (and protective gear)

Not every state requires that riders wear a helmet, however a helmet is easily the most important piece of protective gear that you should wear on a bike. According to Injury Facts®, helmets are estimated to be 37% effective in preventing fatal injuries for motorcycle operators. Wear good shoes (boots), full coverage clothing, and goggles or glasses if you don’t have a full coverage helmet.


2. Limit your speed

Speed limits are in place for a reason. On a motorcycle, your body takes a direct hit in the event of a crash. “More than 80% of all reported motorcycle crashes result in injury or death” ( Without the body of a car to protect you, speed becomes even more important when you are on a bike.


3. Be courteous and aware

Follow the rules of the road, especially if you are stuck in traffic. Don’t ride the shoulder or in-between lanes of traffic. Avoid weaving aggressively in and out of traffic, drive defensively, and always assume that you are invisible to other cars and motorists. The motorcycle driver is always the loser in a crash. Be aware of potential hazards like potholes, debris and railroad tracks.


Motorcycle Safety for Car Operators & Other Drivers


1. Keep motorcycles in mind

Motorcycles are significantly smaller than standard automobiles. A driver’s view of a motorcycle can often be obstructed – either by blind spots in their own cars, other vehicles or road signs. It can be difficult to anticipate the movement of a motorcycle. Many accidents occur when a car pulls out in front of a bike because the driver was unable to see them. It is easy to violate the motorcycle’s right of way.


2. Stay educated on motorcycle safety

Motorcycle safety is typically incorporated into a standard Driver’s Education Course. If you have not attended a traffic safety course in awhile or need a refresher, there are many ways to brush up on your knowledge. We love this article on the ’10 most common motorcycle accidents and how to avoid them’ published by RideApart.


For more information, visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. They offer classes, safety booklets, downloadable handbooks and additional information on general motorcycle safety. Follow us on social media @LTronCorp or visit our Facebook page for more tips on staying safe throughout the summer. Happy Motorcycle Awareness Month!


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