L-Tron gears up for the 2018 Empire State Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Conference

2018 ESLETS Conference

This year’s Empire State Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Conference (ESLETS) is being held the first week in May.

ESLETS is an annual two-day event that brings together 300+ Law Enforcement Officers of all ranks from across New York State. The Officers share ideas and opportunities to improve traffic safety in their respective communities. The 2018 ESLETS Conference is an exclusive, Law Enforcement-only event. Officers are provided with training, skills and the knowledge to address Highway safety issues and challenges. The conference informs, empowers and builds collaboration among all NY agencies to help serve and protect.


What can you expect from the 2018 ESLETS Conference?


The L-Tron team loves ESLETS because we get to connect with our neighbors and the Officers throughout NY who protect us every day. Last year, we had the pleasure of meeting several Officers from Suffolk County who were using our 4910LR DL Readers. We even got to take a look in their cars to see how they use the 4910 on a daily basis.

This year, L-Tron has expanded our Law offerings to include technology and tools to better assist each division of your Police Department.


OSCR360 – Revolutionize Crime Scene Investigations

L-Tron is excited to unveil OSCR360 at the 2018 ESLETS Conference.

More than a camera, OSCR360 allows you to capture, contain, organize and relate all of your digital evidence. Originally inspired by a juror’s experience, OSCR360 acts as a container to connect and preserve your digital evidence. Users gain depth, perspective and a greater understanding of a case with the ability to provide a virtual walkthrough of the crime scene.

Your case starts to become organized before your first 360 degree image is captured. Create a project with the OSCR360 capture kit to start documenting your crime scene. All supporting crime scene evidence can be added to the case. Organization is maintained from capture to presentation. You can revisit the crime scene, as it was found, over and over again.

OSCR360 was built from your voice, with collaboration from Officers, Investigators, and Prosecutors.

Look for OSCR in the news – OSCR360 has been accepted into court and used in several high-profile murder trials:

Rideout Murder Trial

OSCR on Good Day Rochester

How OSCR is helping jurors


The 4910LR DL Reader – eCitation for traffic stops & incident reporting

L-Tron’s 4910LR DL Reader gets you off the curb and back on patrol faster. Electronic Ticketing (or eCitation) is an easier and more efficient way to complete citations and reports from your squad car. Scan barcodes on driver’s licenses, registrations and more to capture information into your forms and reports. The 4910LR DL Reader was built from the voice of Law Enforcement. It easily scans in all lighting conditions and has an image capture feature for radar readings, signature capture and accident sketches. L-Tron has everything to outfit your patrol car for eCitation, including mounts, mobile printers, thermal paper and more.


The Light Grenade – give your team the tactical advantage

The Light Grenade is a 360-degree tactical light used to help Officers clear buildings, illuminate crime scenes, respond to burglaries and better see what lies ahead. It was created by a Police Officer who found himself in a dangerous situation when pursuing a suspect. The Light Grenade eliminates flashlight tunnel vision, is easy to deploy and activate, and is made in the USA. The 1500-lumen tactical light is rugged, waterproof, and designed with 12 flat sides to land wherever you throw it.


Stop by our booth at the 2018 ESLETS Conference. Juli & other members of the L-Tron team will be available to answer any questions. We love to hear about your experiences on patrol and what equipment you need to make your job just a little easier. Say hello and grab some candy or one of our stress heads. See you in May!

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Check out some pictures from the past ELSETS Conferences!

ESLETS Conference car     ESLETS Conference Space  


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