This might come as a surprise to a lot of people but more “white box” users are switching over to Industrial PCs for their manufacturing, test, measurement and control processes than ever before. Although standard PCs draw a lot of attention because of their economic feasibility, there’s no way of assuring standardization across one line. What’s popular and in stock for assembly one month is no longer available the next.
Industrial PCWith Industrial PCs, standardization is a non-issue and support ranges from four to seven years on most motherboards and single board computers. Industrial PCs enable the user to have a “gold standard” when it comes to their computer configurations and imaging process. This is vital because the more hardware changes over time, the more software and I/O must change with it. With an industrial rack mount, wall mount or desktop PC, the changes over time are minimal. The product is able to go as far as the OS support lasts, which is a good length of time due to OEM licensing these days.
If this appeals to you in any way, shape or form, feel free to give me a call at 800-830-9523, ext. 126. I am always available to discuss your Industrial Computing needs and will work with you to implement a quality solution that adheres to all of your application requirements and specifications.

Jeremy Miller

Jeremy has 10+ years of experience in Industrial Automation, Networking & Communications, Data Acquisition & Control, Embedded Computing, Barcode Scanning & Printing, Point of Sale and Industrial Solutions. Jeremy is an avid fisherman who loves chasing Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon when he’s not working. Jeremy can be reached at 800-830-9523 ext 126 ,
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