Since L-Tron doesn’t have a catchy jingle and the closest we have to a mascot is a mother goose tending her nest outside my window, I can’t construct a page-length commercial for our company.  However, I will relay some of the inside scoop on how we strive to do things right.
Throughout our 37 years, L-Tron has always provided outstanding customer service.  Whether it is the support call before—or after—the sale, the ordering process, or fulfilling the order, we have always taken that extra bit of time to listen to our customers.  We live by our motto, “Your success is our passion!”
One of my favorite shows on TV stars Mike Holmes, the Canadian construction contractor/inspector.  Mike’s team goes in and makes things right.  In other words, they clean up construction messes after the fact.  Mike always preaches that if you do something, do it right the first time.  And, that is what we do.
We have contracts to create custom equipment kits for several companies.  Some of these kits are labor-intensive while others are relatively simple.  In any case, everything we do is documented 100% of the way.  Why do we do this?  We ensure quality, and it also saves us time by doing it right the first time.  Our operations team is heavily involved in the process, and they perform the thankless jobs, give us feedback on the steps and procedures, and assist us every step of the way.  As a Quality Control manager, I have to “participate” at times to be another set of eyes, an auditor, and also another set of hands at crunch time.
When we create procedures, every component, configuration, and human and machine interaction is described.  The shipping container, packaging materials, components, labeling, sorting, and finishing are all detailed.   As an auditing step—scheduled or random—I will oversee or actually perform the work for a kit or series.  It amazes me that our operations people are very efficient at what they do and follow EVERY step.  I also follow all the steps, but no matter what my mother thought, I am not perfect.  I have made a mistake or two along the way, but I try to minimize my exposure to those.  Because of our extensive documentation and procedures, a couple of mistakes I made were caught by the team.
It was a good thing that our secondary auditing caught some of the kits that I prepared.   Our supplier had the same component in a carton that had two different part numbers.  The parts were identical, but the part number revisions were different. Luckily our operations team caught this prior to the shipment to our customer.  Granted, this item would have worked just fine, but the kit called for a specific component, and it cannot deviate from the build without an approved engineering revision.
quality controlKudos to our team for catching this.  They are more efficient and methodical than most when it comes to satisfying the customer or fulfilling an order.   But it is our system of checks and balances that keeps us all in line, in spite of what some people do or don’t do.   The long and short of it is that things will not slip through the cracks.  Rest assured that your orders will come as ordered and as expected.  Our operations team will see to that.
If you would like more information, please contact us at, and we will be more than happy to discuss how we can help you!