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OSCR360 Uses for Law Enforcement

[Infographic] Law Enforcement Uses for OSCR360: Pre-Incident Training, Incident Response, and Post-Incident Review

oscr360 uses for law enforcement
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This infographic highlights Law Enforcement Uses for OSCR360

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What is OSCR360? OSCR360 is a two-part system made up of a 360-degree capture kit and desktop software. Take full 360 degree spherical images with the OSCR capture kit. Add in multi-media evidence to create a full virtual tour presentation with the OSCR desktop software.

Current Law Enforcement Officers easily use the system in a variety of ways to assist at all sorts of calls, ranging from minor incidents to the most complex scenes.

The best part? OSCR360 was built from the voice of Law Enforcement, meaning that it was built from your feedback and ideas. Little to no training is required to use the system.

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Pre-Incident Training OSCR360 Uses for Law Enforcement

OSCR360 is used by Law Enforcement on a wide variety of scenes. Pre-Incident Training uses include:

OSCR360 Incident Response Uses

During an incident or investigation, OSCR is used on:

OSCR360 featured in Evidence Tech Magazine
OSCR360 System

Post-Incident Uses for OSCR

After an incident or investigation, OSCR assists with:

  • Trial
  • Courtroom Testimony
  • Case Recall
  • Cold Cases
  • Investigations
  • Virtual Tours
  • and more…

Click to see how OSCR assisted during the closing arguments of a murder trial.
[Use Case]: Making Evidence Matter – Tying Together 700 Pieces of Evidence

“I thought [OSCR360] helped consolidate all of the information we had to consider and make things clearer…”

Juror #9, Rideout Trial

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