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OSCR360 Capture Kit Datasheet

OSCR360 Datasheet

This two-page OSCR360 datasheet is a free resource containing detailed specifications for both the OSCR360 Capture Kit & Desktop Software. Learn more about OSCR360 below.  Download this resource by clicking above. What is OSCR360? Fast. Effective. Game-Changing.  OSCR360 a 360-degree spherical camera system, comprised of a capture kit & software The OSCR360 system allows investigators to quickly capture, organize …

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who is dr henry lee?

Who is Dr Henry Lee?

Dr. Henry Lee is a world-renowned forensic scientist with over four decades of international experience in the forensics field. Dr. Lee is known for his capability to help solve high-profile trial cases by discovering small or seemingly hidden evidence. Read more here. Some of the notable high profile cases Dr. Lee worked are: John F. …

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ways to fund oscr360

How to Fund OSCR360

Infographic – Ways to Fund OSCR360 In this 2-page Infographic, you will discover how to fund your OSCR360 purchase. Click on the infographic below to open a linked PDF of this free resource. Easily print and download this PDF. OSCR has traveled to over 400 Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement, Fire, Environmental Safety agencies, …

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