Press Release: L-Tron’s OSCR360 Reaches 24 States with Growing Momentum

OSCR360 has been on the road non-stop for months now and has reached a new benchmark – a visit to its 24th state! L-Tron’s team has traveled with OSCR to hundreds of law enforcement agencies, fire departments, private investigation firms, universities, and government agencies. Most recently, demos have occurred in Illinois, Florida, Maryland and West Virginia. Highlights of the OSCR tour have been purchases by the City of Boston Police Department, Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science, and the University of Maryland.

“The momentum is very exciting. Agencies of all sizes are recognizing the value OSCR brings.”

– Julianne Pangal, Customer Engagement Manager, L-Tron

The OSCR360 system is a groundbreaking new tool with an ever-growing list of uses in firefighting, public safety, environmental conservation and more. The technology is packaged in 2 parts, an OSCR360 Capture Kit to collect all of your 360 degree photography, and the OSCR360 Software, to organize your case. A full (growing) list of OSCR users can be found at

“One of the things that we love about visiting agencies all over the country is that they’re all so different and have varying needs. When OSCR was first developed, we knew it would be a powerful tool for crash scene and crime scene investigations, as well as courtroom presentation. Soon after, we discovered that OSCR captures the details of a fire investigation scene incredibly well. Then, organizations began talking to us about incident pre-planning. As we sit down with new first responders, we frequently discover new applications for OSCR.”

– RAD DeRose, Owner & CEO, L-Tron


One such use case was discovered by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. At a department training, several conservation officers determined that OSCR would be a great tool to capture the dockside boating collisions that they investigate.

Next up on OSCR’s tour is a visit back to Virginia, a demo with the Chicago Fire Department, followed by a trip to Kentucky. Stay tuned!

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