Law Enforcement Spotlight on OSCR360 after feature in the April 2021 Edition of Officer Magazine

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L-Tron is pleased to announce that its OSCR360 Capture Kit and Software have been featured in the “Investigations Product Guide” section of the April 2021 edition of OFFICER Magazine, an publication. The section highlights four investigative tools that were selected by editors, beginning with the intuitive OSCR360 system.

OSCR360 is an evidence documentation and presentation tool that was built from the voices of police officers, investigators and district attorneys/prosecutors. Within a matter of seconds, OSCR captures powerful 360-degree floor-to-ceiling images of crime, crash and fire scenes. Using the OSCR software, investigators and prosecutors consolidate, organize, and connect all digital evidence to create a comprehensive, multimedia case file & virtual walkthrough of the scene. From fingerprints and close-up evidence photos, to audio and video footage, to GPS coordinates and map overlays, each piece of vital evidence is incorporated into a compelling virtual walkthrough of the scene. Judges, juries, witnesses, suspects, officers and attorneys are able to experience the scene as it originally appeared.

Hundreds of organizations, across 33 states (and counting), are using OSCR to investigate and prosecute major homicides, burglaries, assaults, environmental crimes, fires, crashes and more. Communities are using OSCR360 for incident pre-planning, agencies are using OSCR360 for training purposes, and educational institutions are using OSCR360 in forensic science curriculums. 

“We’re pleased that OSCR360 was recognized as an outstanding investigative tool by Officer Magazine this month. It’s exciting to see more and more law enforcement organizations recognizing the value of OSCR. We hear stories from all over the country about the positive impact OSCR is having at various agencies – investigators, attorneys and officers are able to more succinctly provide an overview of evidence and a walkthrough of a crime scene. OSCR has become a difference maker for so many departments.”

– Trevor DiMarco, President at L-Tron

OFFICER Magazine, which was formerly comprised of two separate publications: Law Enforcement Technology (LET) and Law Enforcement Product News (LEPN), is a monthly publication designed as a “one-stop-shop” for every law enforcement professional in uniform, both in the United States and across the globe. The goal of the magazine is to provide readers with relevant and educational content in the areas of Command/HQ, Vehicles & Fleet, Tactical, Investigations, On the Street, and Training & Careers, as well as editorial pieces and product information. 

The digital edition of the April 2021 edition can be found here: Officer Magazine April 2021. OSCR is featured on page 32.

L-Tron has proudly partnered with public safety and government agencies for the past two decades, and is most well-known in law enforcement circles for its 4910LR Driver’s License Reader for eCitation. The company supplies agencies with a wide variety of patrol vehicle equipment and accessories, from mobile laptops and printers, to mounting gear, to wireless routers. L-Tron has “Backed the Blue” in numerous ways over the years, supporting the Badge of Honor Association, Cookies for a Cop, and hosting educational events for Officers. 

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