Configuring Your Industrial PC

"The ultimate guide to finding the right Advantech IPC for your application."

by Carmella Giancursio

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Current Advantech Industrial PCs available based on: form factor,  environment, processing, memory, storage, display,  I/O and software requirements.

ISA and PCI configurations to address legacy application support.

Topics Covered

In this Industrial PC guide, you will learn:

The difference between industrial-grade PCs and consumer-grade PCs.

What types of applications use industrial computers.

Do you need a display? Common display applications include monitoring and control or SCADA and data acquisition.

What types of HMI displays are available and tips on how to select one, including: touch panel computers, panel PCs, and industrial panel PCs.

The difference between Advantech  industrial chassis (rackmount or wall mount) and embedded PCs.

Tips on how to select the appropriate Advantech embedded PC or chassis for your application.

A Guide to Finding the Right Industrial PC for your Application


Starting from Square One

7 Chapters

19 Pages

7 Supporting Resources

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