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[Case Study]: Weco Manufacturing Implementation of Digital Visual Scheduling

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Weco Manufacturing Digital Visual Scheduling Implementation Case Study

[Case Study] Digital Visual Scheduling with Weco Manufacturing

This 2-page case study tells the story of a mid-size manufacturing company that transitioned from an inefficient scheduling system to Digital Visual Scheduling, achieving widespread improvements across its manufacturing floor. 

Digital Visual Scheduling on the Industrial Manufacturing Floor

This case study explains the challenges one mid-size industrial manufacturing company was facing with its manual scheduling process, why they made the change to a Digital Visual Scheduling (DVS) system, and the benefits they continue to experience from making the change. The case study discusses: 

Learn how DVS helps to transform many aspects of day-to-day operations with real-time visibility and job tracking. 

What is Digital Visual Scheduling (DVS)? 

Digital Visual Scheduling provides an automated schedule, in real-time, for each job station on the manufacturing floor. It automatically notifies job operators of their next task and shows job progress at each workstation, from beginning to end. Remotely accessible to management, DVS also provides insight into critical job details, such as customer information, job start times, order notes, and more.

“The biggest benefit from an operations standpoint is the time savings and cost savings.” 

Mike Weco, Production Manager

About the Company: Weco Manufacturing 

Weco is a mid-sized industrial manufacturing company specializing in all aspects of metal manufacturing and fabrication, including custom-finished fabricated metal components. The ISO 2015-Certified Company handles customized jobs across 7+ workstations throughout the facility. 

Selecting an automation solution 

We understand that the move to warehouse automation can be intimidating. That’s why it is so important to partner with the right company.

From the moment you connect with L-Tron, you will interact with friendly, helpful team members. Our sales team is highly knowledgeable and experienced, with over 40 years of industrial expertise. Whether you need an “off the shelf” solution or a closer look into something customized, we’ll answer your questions, strive to fully understand your needs and concerns, and find the best solution for you. L-Tron is ISO 9001:2015-Certified and abides by a company-wide quality guarantee, ensuring that your service, delivery, and technical support experiences are top-notch.

Digital Visual Scheduling Feeback from Weco

weco manufacturing president

Don, Weco President & CEO

Working with L-Tron to implement this solution was very effective, as this project showed how they understood the concept of what we wanted to accomplish and had the technical ability to deliver a finished product. The digital visual scheduling board has made us much more efficient, allowing us to manage the shop while saving time, which is one of the most precious resources in manufacturing today.

Mike, Weco Operations Manager

DVS has helped immensely from trying to manage the jobs to keeping track of the jobs. We can log on and see who has been clocking in or who hasn’t. It will how operations that have possibly been skipped too.

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