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[Whitepaper] Your Guide to the OSCR360 Solution for Crime Scene Investigations

Hank Kula, Sergeant (Ret.), L-Tron Law Enforcement Support

More than just a police camera, with OSCR360, never miss a visual image of the evidence again. Gain an understanding of the OSCR360 capture kit and presentation software. The OSCR solution captures 360-degree spherical images, contains, relates, organizes and preserves digital evidence.

Gain depth, perspective, and provide a greater understanding of your case through an on-screen walk through of the evidence. Learn from two police departments who are actively using OSCR360.

Topics Covered

In this guide, you will learn:

Your voice, your features

More than just a police camera, OSCR360 was built from your feedback. OSCR360 includes a capture kit and desktop presentation software, priced with your budget in mind.

Equipment in action

OSCR is simple and easy to use. The OSCR Capture Kit has no moving pieces, weighs under 5 pounds, and has a 2-5 minute set up time. Capture an entire house in under 15 minutes. Instantly preview scene images on the OSCR tablet.

Courtroom impact: easily build and present a case

OSCR has been used in a variety of cases, accepted in court as evidence, used in grand jury, closing arguments, plea bargains, and more.

Look forward to the courtroom.

Use cases and advocates

Learn how Deputy Sheriff Andrew McNeill and Deputy Pete Butler have used OSCR360.

Download [Whitepaper]: OSCR360 More than just a Police Camera for Crime & Crash Scenes

OSCR360 components

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“This is a no-brainer. I can [virtually] walk through a crime scene with someone. I can take that into the courtroom and walk a jury through the scene. This is just so quick. The innovative side of it is a breath of fresh air. This takes care of some of your photography, overalls of the scene, and videography. Initially we were going to use it just on major cases, but when we saw the ease and the flow of the work and how it could be utilized, it opened the door so there was no reason not to use it for most anything...”
Deputy Pete Butler
Deputy Pete Butler (Ret.)
L-Tron Law Enforcement Support

Author: Sergeant Hank Kula, Ret.

L-Tron Law Enforcement Support & Training

Hank is a retired police sergeant with 26 years in Law Enforcement. He is a member of the L-Tron Training and Education Team and works as Law Enforcement Support. He brings perspective to company projects, provides customer support to OSCR360 clients, and is one of L-Tron’s police community advocates. Hank is A New York State certified crime scene technician, crash reconstructionist, and police instructor.

Learn how much simpler your job can be with OSCR360.

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You Talk, We Listen

L-Tron has a long history of working with the Law Enforcement community. Our equipment and solutions are built from your voice. Every feature and future feature in our OSCR360 Solution came from Law Enforcement.

We started with hardware for your squad car. Our 4910LR DL Reader is designed specifically for Officer use to improve accuracy and efficiency for electronic citation, motorist warning, motor vehicle accident and other incident reporting. There are over 35,000 units deployed nationwide.

Our equipment has been implemented in thousands of municipalities
across 50 states over the last 20 years. 

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