Never miss a visual image of the evidence.
Gain an understanding of the OSCR360 capture kit and presentation software.
Learn from two police departments who are actively using OSCR360.
Find out how OSCR presentation has been successfully used in the courtroom. 


Inside the Whitepaper:

Virtually bring anyone into a scene.

  • Crime scene photography: capture & instantly view 360 degree spherical images on the OSCR tablet

  • Build your presentation on the desktop software

  • Your presentation becomes the container for your evidence files

  • Provide a virtual tour of the crime scene & preserve it forever

  • Justice served

police using oscr360

Counties and DA Office's in New York that are using OSCR360.

Learn about Historical Use Cases


Active cases and pleas where OSCR is being used.



Ways that Departments and Agencies are using OSCR360. 

It's more than just a camera

Equipment in action

OSCR360 desktop software

OSCR equipment has no moving pieces, in total weighs under 5 pounds, and only has a 2-5 minute set up time. Easily create your virtual tour walk throughs.

OSCR360 camera and tripod

Build and present your case, courtroom impact

What else will you learn?

OSCR has been admitted in as evidence, used in grand jury, closing arguments, plea bargains, and more.

OSCR360 includes a capture kit and desktop presentation software at a fraction of the cost of total stations and 3D laser scanners.

Use cases & advocates

OSCR360 Tablet

An investigator from Brighton Police Department and a Deputy from Yates County talk to the numerous ways they use OSCR360.

“We shot from the corners of each room. We went around large furniture so there weren’t any voids – all the areas were covered. I love it for the bathroom – small spaces. Before you’d have to try with our regular camera – you’d have to cram yourself into their tiny bathroom and try and get an angle where you’re not in the mirror, you’re not getting the flash bounce or anything like that. With OSCR you just set the camera up out of the way and you get the entire bathroom. And you don’t even have to be in it. It’s awesome.”

“This is a no-brainer. I can [virtually] walk through a crime scene with someone. I can take that into the courtroom and walk a jury through the scene. This is just so quick. The innovative side of it is a breath of fresh air. This takes care of some of your photography, overalls of the scene, and videography. Initially we were going to use it just on major cases, but when we saw the ease and the flow of the work and how it could be utilized, it opened the door so there was no reason not to use it for most anything...”

Investigator Karch, Brighton Police Department

Your Feedback

Deputy Butler, Yates County Sheriffs Office

Author:  Sergeant Hank Kula, Ret.,
L-Tron Law Enforcement Support & Training 

Hank is a retired police sergeant with 26 years in Law Enforcement. He is a member of the L-Tron Training and Education Team and works as Law Enforcement Support. He brings perspective to company projects, provides customer support to OSCR360 clients, and is one of L-Tron’s police community advocates. Hank is A New York State certified crime scene technician, crash reconstructionist, and police instructor.

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