Light Grenade
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Sometimes I just hate turning on the television.
If I tune in to the news on any given day, chances are I will hear about tragedy after tragedy – including police lives being put in danger. It’s just depressing. Who’s with me?
The sad reality is that natural disasters happen. Accidents happen. And some people live dangerous lives, engaging in criminal activity without regard for the lives of anyone who may get in the way of their plans – especially the lives of Law Enforcement Officers.

In their desperation to escape, criminals will use any means necessary.

And as our brave men and women of the Law Enforcement pursue suspects, they find themselves facing the unknown.
During “hot pursuit,” Officers often find themselves both literally and figuratively “in the dark” about what dangers lie ahead.  Yet attempting to navigate the darkness with a traditional flashlight brings the added danger of giving away an Officer’s position, which makes that Officer more vulnerable to attack.  I honestly don’t know how they report to duty day in and day out, but I am SO thankful that they do!
When one police officer found himself in an unfavorable, dangerous dark environment, he came up with an idea: Light Grenade.
Watch a video – learn how Light Grenade was invented below:

How the Light Grenade was Invented

Introducing the Light Grenade. 

The concept was simple: allow Law Enforcement to gain tactical advantage in dark, dangerous situations without giving away their position.
Light Grenade is a small (10.4 oz) handheld device that looks much like…well, a grenade!

  • It’s unique 12-sided shape allows you to ‘land it’ where illumination is needed.
  • It is virtually indestructible and can be thrown into dark locations (think rooms, hallways, alleyways, you name it) and activated with your key fob after it lands, ensuring that it does not give away your position.
  • Light Grenade can be thrown through glass, stepped on, and dropped, and can even handle the weight of a 1+ ton truck on it. [Watch a video here]
  • These units are also rechargeable.

Traditional tactical flashlights giveaway your position and make you the threat.
When Light Grenade is used, the entire surrounding area is immediately illuminated with high powered LED light, exposing potential dangers, shadows and movements.  One of the Light Grenade models even uses infrared night vision.
What’s more? The Light Grenade is made in the USA and was designed by cops for cops.
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