IAI NY Educational Conference logoAndy, Juli & OSCR are headed to Long Island for the 2018 NY IAI Educational Conference


Andy, Juli & OSCR360 are hitting the road once again. The L-Tron team is kicking off October with a trip down to Long Island for the 2018 NY & CT IAI Educational Conference. The IAI (or International Association for Identification) held their 103rd annual international conference in San Antonio at the end of July. The L-Tron team was excited to attend and honored to speak in Texas, and has since been invited to exhibit with several smaller IAI chapters – including the upcoming New York conference.

NY & Connecticut IAI Educational Conference

When: October 1st -3rd

Where: Hauppauge, NY

Visit the NY IAI website to learn more www.nyiai.org

Deputy Andy McNeill (Ret.) is presenting a lecture entitled “Introduction to Forensic Spherical Photography” which also features the case study of a Greece, NY homicide. Andy’s lecture is scheduled for Monday afternoon at 2:30 pm. Click here to view the entire NY IAI agenda.

Overview of “Introduction to Forensic Spherical Photography” presented by Andy McNeill.

In a data-driven society, increasingly influenced and directed by technological advances in digital media, studies show people retain more information when it is presented in visual formats. From crime scene to courtroom, spherical photography is an accepted and frequently expected forensic tool. Andy McNeill, L-Tron’s Director of Forensic Education, MFS & retired Sheriff’s Deputy, will provide an introduction to spherical photography and how 360 degree photos may supplement and support your DSLR photos. The session will incorporate a homicide case study that explains how spherical images were used for scene documentation as well as “containers” for other digital evidence. The presentation will conclude with recommended scene procedures, takeaways from using spherical photography in actual casework, an assessment of spherical photography’s track record in court and a brief introduction to OSCR360.

Examples of additional workshops & lectures include;

  • The Recovery of Latent Fingerprints from Notoriously Troublesome Surfaces
  • Latent Print Testimony – How to be transparent without feeling naked
  • An Introduction to Forensic Spherical Photography
  • Recent Trends in Fingerprint Evidence
  • How to solve a problem like variability? Development of an analysis tool for latent prints
  • Understanding and Calculating Error Rates in Pattern Evidence

IAI NY educational ConferenceStop by the L-Tron booth to meet OSCR360 & the team.

OSCR360 allows you to gain depth, perspective, and a greater understanding of your case with the ability to provide a virtual crime scene walk through. More than just a camera, OSCR360 is a complete, multi-jurisdictional solution that allows you to organize, capture, present and preserve all of your digital evidence files.

OSCR360 was built from your voice, with collaboration from Officers, Investigators, and Prosecuting Attorneys. Thousands of hours have been spent collaborating to create features from your feedback.

Look for OSCR in the news – OSCR360 has been accepted into court and used in several high-profile trials and active cases. Over 100 agencies across the country are meeting with OSCR360.



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