Several L-Tron team members came together to start the “Women ROC the Tech” LinkedIn Group, seeking another way to collaborate with local women in technology fields.

Women ROC the TEch


Gayle, Elyse & Juli wanted to find a way to share knowledge and learn from other women in technology fields. These three members of L-Tron’s marketing team (M-Team), began a LinkedIn group to do just that. Women ROC the Tech was born.

History of Women ROC the Tech

Back in April 2018, Gayle was honored to be named a finalist for the Digital Rochester Technology Woman of the Year award. Gayle and her M-Team are strong believers that a love of STEM and technology starts in the cradle – little girls are encouraged to be fierce, smart, and to use their voices to be heard. Later, they are motivated to seek out future careers in math, science, engineering and technology.

At the awards breakfast, the M-Team was given the opportunity to connect with the other finalists, as well as other women who were continuing to grow in various technology roles. Every woman they spoke with had their own unique story. Each woman had taken a jagged path to success, with many setbacks and challenges. The M-Team realized that women needed a forum to share their stories with other women and to help one another grow within STEM fields.

According to the National Center for Women & Information Technology, only 26% of professional computing occupations in the US workforce are held by women, and only 17% of Fortune 500 CIO positions are held by women. These are numbers that need to change.

And so, the women in technology group was launched.

So far, the group has garnered good discussions and L-Tron hopes it will continue to grow.

Topics of interest have included;

  • How effective are STEM programs?
  • How can we create gender inclusive tech organizations?
  • Was a career in a tech field always your goal?
  • Thoughts on a breakdown of STEM programs from 6 big businesses?

Women in Technology GroupAbout Women ROC the Tech

This group was started by women for women who are passionate about and work in the technology (STEM) fields in Rochester, NY. The goal of the group is to lift and acknowledge one another for our accomplishments, challenges and leadership in the wonderful world of technology.

Each of us has a unique story.

How did we get here? Where do we want to go? What is the next chapter for our growth and learning? How do we plan to get to the next chapter? Is there a next chapter? What do we love about our work? What challenges do we encounter? How do we persevere, grow, and lead in the Tech world?

This LinkedIn group acts as a place to share our stories, successes, challenges and even our failures. Most importantly it is a platform to teach and learn from each other. #Knowledge is power. #Brainpower is beautiful. Women ROC the Tech world!

We can’t wait to get started! Interested in joining? Click here to learn more or contact Julianne with questions at


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