Brighton Fire Department, Brighton Police Department & L-Tron partnered together to present a Forensic Photography Refresher Course for police investigators and crime scene technicians.


L-Tron & Brighton Police Department Partner for Forensic Photography Course


L-Tron’s Director of Forensic Education and Retired Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy, Andrew McNeill, led a Forensic Photography Refresher Course for Greater Rochester-area law enforcement officers on December 6, 2018 at the Brighton Fire Department. Sponsored by Brighton Police Department, attendees included evidence technicians and investigators from numerous agencies in Western New York. The course was approved for ACTAR CEUs (continuing education credits) and both IAI CEUs and initial certification credits, providing an added incentive to attendees.


“We are excited to offer the added value of ACTAR and IAI credits to police officers who are pursuing these certifications. It is an honor to provide forensic photography training to our local law enforcement.”

– Gayle DeRose, L-Tron Chief Marketing Officer


Andy Teaching with OSCRIntended to refresh each officer’s photographic skill set, the photography course emphasized presenting a true and accurate representation of a scene by escaping manual mode. Skills that were addressed during the course included shooting modes and variables; exposure variables; flash control; forensic camera settings; close-up photography; overcoming lighting challenges; spherical photography; and an introduction to OSCR360.

OSCR360 is a multi-tool spherical photographic solution for Police, Fire, EMS, SWAT, campus security, and environmental law enforcement. OSCR does everything, it is built from the voice of Law Enforcement, for every case, every time. Quickly and easily document, organize, and present scenes and evidence.


“Too often in forensic work, whether on crime scenes or arson scenes, we find images that don’t capture the details needed for investigation, and ultimately trial. We’ve discovered most lesser-quality images are a result of over-reliance on automatic camera settings.”

– Andrew McNeill, MFS L-Tron Director of Forensic Education


L-Tron has plans to offer future courses in 2019. Check back periodically at to stay current with upcoming trainings.


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