Meet the L-Tron Engineering Team!


L-Tron Engineering Team

It’s Engineer’s Week and we’re celebrating by honoring our L-Tron Engineering Team! We have events planned all week, and are showing our engineers some appreciation with happy hours, videos and lunch on Friday. The L-Tron Engineers have played a pivotal role in the creation of our OSCR360 Crime & Crash Scene Solution, driving our software development and sensor tube creation. We are proud of all of them.

Read on to learn more about the L-Tron Engineering Team, and each of our team members’ unique quirks:


Charlie – Sr. Engineer & Demo Extraordinaire

Charlie has been part of the L-Tron family for over 20 years. He handles most of our customer support requests and often attends conferences & tradeshows with the training team. Last year, Charlie played a pivotal role at ESLETS, LEIM/IACP, and ATSIP – providing demos of L-Tron’s 4910LR DL Reader and the OSCR360 equipment. Lately, he has been traveling throughout New York State to provide departments with OSCR360 training & demonstrations. Now that Charlie’s children are grown, he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Martha and their puppies. Charlie loves dessert and can never say “no” to sweet treats.

What does being an engineer mean to Charlie?

“Being an engineer means two things to me. First, it means I can continue repeating the most frustrating question that a parent hears from their children: Why? Second, it gives me purpose to answer that same question as a problem solver.”

Charlie Waldman

Senior Engineer

Ken – Director of Engineering & Sensor Tube Scientist

Ken is our Director of Engineering and the genius behind the OSCR360 Sensor Tube. Ken is a problem solver by nature. When we moved L-Tron to our new office, our cubicles ended up being too wide for our coat hooks. Ken created several “converters” so that we could continue to hang our coats by our desks. Ken loves to enjoy good food and good drinks. In addition to being an engineer, he is great at networking and seems to have friends at all the best local restaurants. Ken loves his wife Anne and their two daughters. Ken enjoys being an engineer because it gives him the chance to be creative.

Viet – Director of Platform Development & Oscar’s Best Friend

Viet is our Director of Platform Development. He acts as our lead developer and has worked on crucial projects this year including our website redesigns and OSCR360 Software. Viet is always willing to give back to the L-Tron family and local community. As a member of the L-Tron Engineering team, he participated in the “Hour of Code” and appeared on WHAM 1180’s Eye’s on the Future podcast. Viet loves his daughter Penelope, and their dogs Oscar and Dexter. Oscar and Dexter enjoy coming into the L-Tron office and keep Viet company while he works. Viet enjoys creating amazing things with his 3D printer. For instance, he has created vases for the marketing team, a 3D Bulbasaur and a 3D Groot.

Trevor – Director of Solution Sales & Resident Goof

Trevor is an integral part of the L-Tron Engineering Team. He joined the L-Tron team in 2014 and recently celebrated his 4 year anniversary with the team. He uses his experience in engineering and operations to help our customers find the best solutions to fit their needs. Trevor received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester, and received his MBA from the Babson College School of Business.

In his free time, Trevor likes to go hiking, adventuring and exploring with his wife Libbie and their two beautiful children, Dominic & Alvirda. He likes fruit cakes and coffee, and his favorite sports teams are the NY Yankees and Buffalo Bills. Trevor is always having a good time in the office, whether he’s wearing his corduroy orange suit into work, rocking his Crocs during an interview, or sending sassy emails to the team.

RAD – President, CEO, Fearless Leader

RAD DeRose is L-Tron’s President & CEO. He has over 30 years of experience in Data Collection Technology and Industrial Automation, and works closely with our premier partners including Zebra, Honeywell & Advantech. RAD is an engineer at heart. He graduated from RPI (Rennsselear Polytechnic Institute). RAD can get so engrossed in problem solving that he has what we like to call “firetruck” moments. He will completely divert from a conversation because of a new thought or idea.

“Engineering is part science and part art. I am always working on new problems, coming up with creative ways to look at and solve issues.”

RAD DeRose

President & CEO


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