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Founded on the principles of superior innovation, quality and service, iKey is the world leader in premium input devices. For over two decades, iKey has been outfitting clients, large and small, with keyboards, displays and pointing devices tailored to their specific needs. iKey Industrial Peripherals, formerly Texas Industrial Peripherals, manufactures the most complete line of …

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iKey Medical Keyboards: User Feedback Matters!

Earlier this year, I received a request for quote for a large quantity of sealed, back-lit keyboards.  There was a list of requirements and an invitation to bid.  The request came from an unknown party, with no description of use or intent.  Based on the facts at hand, I decided this was a quest seeking …

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iKey Keyboards: Rugged Devices for Increased Reliability

During my 10 years in providing technical solutions for industrial computing, I have relied on iKey keyboards to provide an effective, dependable PC interface for customers requiring additional safeguards against harsh conditions. iKey keyboards are the most versatile keyboard on the market providing desktop, panel mount, OEM, rack drawer, and backlit keyboard options coupled with a …

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the ultimate ecitation checklist

[eGuide]: The Ultimate eCitation Checklist

[eGuide]: The Ultimate eCitation Checklist This free resource provides readers with a useful checklist and overview of the different types of patrol vehicle equipment needed to complete ecitations. In addition, this guide includes suggestions on reliable law enforcement manufacturers for each product type.   What is electronic ticketing & what equipment will you need? eCitation, also known …

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computers and tablets for law enforcement

The Officer’s Guide to ECitation: What does your patrol car need to stay current, efficient & safe? An In-Car Computer and Mount

Welcome back to our eCitation guide for your modern patrol car. As we discussed in Part 1, there isn’t one clear-cut answer to the question of what equipment a patrol car needs. Why? Because each agency is unique, with differing preferences and needs. What all agencies have in common is the need to best serve & protect their community.

industrial automation

Next Gen Industrial Automation for Manufacturing

NEXT GEN INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION FOR MANUFACTURING Providing the right industrial automation equipment for Design & Test Engineers, Project Managers, Line Supervisors and Plant Managers for quick, accurate and informed decision making. CLICK: EXPLORE IA APPLICATIONS CLICK FOR CONTACT FORM Developing Your Industrial Automation SolutionWatch this video on YouTube [Video]: How we help Develop your Industrial …

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The History of L-Tron

Our History

Our History L-Tron has specialized in providing world-class data capture hardware and software for the government, healthcare, law enforcement, logistics, manufacturing, and warehousing industries for nearly fifty years. From supplying off-the-shelf software and hardware products to engineering customized technology solutions in-house, L-Tron is proud to provide our wide range of clientele with workflow solutions to …

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Patrol Vehicle Equipment

Patrol Vehicle Equipment The right electronic ticketing equipment for your patrol vehicle matters. We have 20 years experience working with state and local law enforcement agencies providing best in class patrol vehicle equipment to support eCitation. The equipment you will need:Rugged laptop/mobile computer/ or tablet,  barcode scanners [4910LR DL Reader], thermal printer, thermal printer paper, mounting …

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Q&A with Our Getac Product Specialist

We’ve recently added a new Premier Partner to the family – Getac. Like any new partner, questions like “Who’s Getac? What products do they offer? Where can I go to get more information?” come up from people calling in interested in learning more. So, we turn to our internal Getac product specialist to answer these …

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