I am excited to say that this blog marks our 200th post! Thank you to all of those who have taken the time to read our blogs. We hope that you have found them informative and useful.
Although most of our blogs are aimed at educating our readers on top industry news, practical technology applications, and more, we’d like to dedicate this 200th blog milestone to our very talented and much appreciated Operations Team.
A quality team delivers quality service.
Sure, we can say we have exceptional quality, but here are the stats to prove it. So what does our Operations Team have to say about the service they provide? Let’s take a look:
“The customer comes first. We want every experience to be good both for our customers and for our company.”
”Exceptional Customer Service is defined as exceeding the customer’s expectations at every opportunity, going above and beyond, responding quickly to your customer’s needs, and being honest.”
“L-Tron is a small business with a big heart – and they treat you like family. The customer signs my paycheck.”
Nicole F
“Exceptional Customer Service to me means understanding the customer and really engaging conversation/listening to what they want and what they are saying. This sets our business apart from the competition.”
“No matter who is calling, the employees here take the time to listen to the customer. It doesn’t seem to matter the size of the order – – everyone is treated with respect when placing their order and getting information about the different products that L-Tron handles.”
“From the moment we engage, our goal is to deliver the most positive customer experience possible. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Only when we’ve done just that will we call it a success!”
“When L-Tron’s founder (& my father) retired, he left me with these words of wisdom which helped to shape me & the Company’s culture: ‘Gayle-it’s all about the service you provide your customers. Be proactive with your communications and deliver quality’. To this day, the entire organization works to exceed our customers’ expectations at every opportunity.”

Have you had an exceptional experience with one of our team members? We’d love to know! Your voice is heard – and seen – we like to keep a “Wall of Testimonials” up in the office for motivation! Plus, your feedback is critical to our continued quality customer service.
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