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The Officer’s Guide to ECitation: What does your patrol car need to stay current, efficient & safe? An In-Car Computer and Mount

Welcome back to our eCitation guide for your modern patrol car. As we discussed in Part 1, there isn’t one clear-cut answer to the question of what equipment a patrol car needs. Why? Because each agency is unique, with differing preferences and needs. What all agencies have in common is the need to best serve & protect their community.

Zebra MC9300 Handheld Mobile Computer.

Meet the MC9300 Mobile Computer

L-Tron is proud to introduce the Zebra MC9300 handheld mobile computer. Zebra’s newest mobile computer allows warehouse workers and manufacturers to scan products and manage distribution easily (and on-demand). What’s different about the MC9300 Mobile Computer? The MC9300 Mobile Computer is THE ultra-rugged Android keypad/touch mobile computer. Currently, the MC9300 series is being used by …

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lean manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing: Work Leaner, Stay Safe

  Lean manufacturing objectives target efficiency in the workplace. Eliminating wasted movement and reducing downtime are two ways that manufacturers can improve their operational efficiency and productivity. Learn more about lean manufacturing in this infographic. But it doesn’t come at the expense of worker or work environment safety. In fact, lean manufacturing should enhance the …

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