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Labels vs. Stickers

This is a frequent question from our clients – and one that our team often chuckles at. Stickers and labels may seem synonymous because they both “stick” to objects. However, there are not-so-obvious similarities & differences between the two.

Barcode label printer

The Hidden Costs of Barcode Printing Supplies

Business owners and managers are bombarded with choices on a daily basis. If you’re in charge of printers, barcode labels, and media, you probably know exactly what I mean. The world of barcode label printing can be overwhelming. How can you ensure that you have the right barcode labels for your business’ unique needs?

Strange Label Printer Sightings from the Field

Submitted by John James; guest blogger Over the past few months, I have had occasion to visit my local car dealership service center several times. Auto shop waiting rooms not being the most interesting environments on my list, I would wander the floor and check out the newest vehicles and chat casually with the office …

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