Documenting and processing a vehicle with OSCR360

How does OSCR360 assist with documenting and processing a vehicle?

OSCR360 excels at documenting and processing a vehicle, because it allows investigators to efficiently capture every inch of a car, both inside and out, including the rooftop and the undercarriage.

After capturing the scene overalls, investigators can snap individual evidence photographs with their DSLR cameras, and then connect the evidence to the scene as Points of Interest in the OSCR360 software. Crime scene technicians, crash reconstructionists, forensic consultants, and other scene examiners have all found value in OSCR’s ability to capture, store, organize, and visually present the facts of a case.

Watch the L-Tron team review how to document & process a vehicle with OSCR360.

PA State Police Traffic Collision and Recon seminar - crash 2

Common Crash Reconstruction Glossary Terms

Considering that crash reconstruction is a specialized field, it comes as no surprise that there are quite a few words and phrases exclusive to those in the profession. The list below contains the definitions of several common glossary terms that a crash investigator will likely be familiar with. 

crash reconstructionist

What does a crash reconstructionist do?

Well, for starters, what is crash reconstruction? Crash reconstruction is the process through which investigators determine how and why a collision occurred, ultimately determining whether or not a crime has been committed. A crash reconstructionist, or reconstruction team, must observe, gather, and preserve evidence from the scene, study the events surrounding the crash, and piece …

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Bettendorf Police department IA

How is the Bettendorf Police Department Utilizing OSCR360?

Sergeant Andrew Champion of the Bettendorf Police Department reached out to L-Tron in March of 2019 – he was originally looking for a tool that could help him open roads up faster after crashes. After meeting OSCR, he realized the system could be used for so much more. How is the department utilizing OSCR360 now?

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